BEST Knopfler LIVE
BEST Knopfler LIVE
BEST Knopfler LIVE
Live performances during the Dire Straits and solo career. More than 200 hours of video. Many famous and rare concerts. Almost complete collection of The Notting Hillbillies (country rock project formed by Mark Knopfler).
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John Gibson
John Gibson 3 horas atrás
This has to be the worst song MK ever wrote / performed - it's truly cringeworthy
Sarmasti 7 horas atrás
I'm there! 40 years back, excellent!
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 7 horas atrás
Team work like that can build a Greater Nation for you and me both.
Sandrine Sanisoa
Sandrine Sanisoa 8 horas atrás
Sérieux* Qu'est-ce que cela voudrait-il dire : "Je veux tes yeux". Whèriz my lifffe!? ? l'amour/fumier
Betty Ramirez Tello
Betty Ramirez Tello 16 horas atrás
Aleix Palau
Aleix Palau 18 horas atrás
No me canso de verlo después de 36 años!!! es el tema mas grande que jamás se haya creado!!!
Rafi Levi
Rafi Levi 20 horas atrás
genial musician
Gary Vee
Gary Vee 21 hora atrás
One of the best guitar players ever to hold a pic and swing an axe..., still my number 1 player of all time.
Su Flo
Su Flo 22 horas atrás
Mark has retired now and I wish him all the best.He has made millions happy with his music 💖 God bless him always wherever he may be.💓
Debbie Tehemara
Debbie Tehemara 22 horas atrás
Mean bro's massive concert memories 4eva👍👍👍👍👍
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton 23 horas atrás
Anybody know what songs he is picking at the start of the song? Only plays a couple of chords of each. I recognise them but cant remember the names
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton 17 horas atrás
@force thanks for reply.. Actually found out the 2songs are stop in the name of love ms don't let me be misunderstood
force 17 horas atrás
Into to tunnel of love, it was usually a transitional song. You can find the long intro on the live versions of tunnel of love
Terry Odams
Terry Odams 23 horas atrás
How can you explain what you feel when listening to this Great.. Brilliance..Out of this world..and Hank Marvin comes into the Stage and shakes hands with All the band members what Respect he shows them.. Brilliant
Carlo Cunico
Carlo Cunico Dia atrás
Tunnel of Love is pretty much the best song Dire Straits have ever written. love it!!
Otropuntodevista Z
Gracia por esta aportación que viví con máxima ilusión hace algunos años.
w cronin
w cronin Dia atrás
Bringing back memories. Classic Dire Straits.
Tony Green
Tony Green Dia atrás
I always used to say how can any guitarist produce an original sound today, there are so many. Then along came Mark Knopfler, what an style amazing.
A. Wallace
A. Wallace Dia atrás
This guitar solo always makes me cry.
Su Flo
Su Flo Dia atrás
Mark has retired now and I wish him all the happiness under the sun.He has brought happiness to millions of people who love him very much 💖
benamar fet
benamar fet Dia atrás
Lalith Vithana
Lalith Vithana Dia atrás
The Knopf is God
bernard_hossmoto Dia atrás
I have seen DS on this tour in Vienna when I was 16.
Zé Ferreira
Zé Ferreira Dia atrás
The best lineup they ever had.
Betty Ramirez Tello
Increíble 🤗
Josep Dalmau Anglada
Inmortals Thank you sirs ¡
Anthony Le Surf
Anthony Le Surf Dia atrás
Probably the sexiest track ever written!.
rose kaczmarek
rose kaczmarek Dia atrás
I love this song everybody tell me i see you are doing you're walk of life i say yes l am been doing it for 4 years i do security ok
Jacco de Ruiter
Jacco de Ruiter Dia atrás
Better live then on the album. cracking band.
Maija Liisa
Maija Liisa Dia atrás
I was there❤️ Will never, ever forget❤️❤️💞
kevin henry
kevin henry Dia atrás
Long time ago but I have such great memories of this day. Paul Brady and the Undertones played support and Dire Straits were at their peak at this stage. I vividly remember being so overcome at the end of Telegraph Road that I was literally crying at the thought of them not coming back for another encore. Solid Rock blew everyone away and the roadies started taking the stage down while they were playing Going Home. I still have a picture taken on a kodak brownie camera of somebody’s finger and thumb but when you look closely you can see Mark Knopfler playing Romeo & Juliet between them!
Vesna Antić
Vesna Antić Dia atrás
It is realy one of the best love song for every generation!
Naveed Ahmed
Naveed Ahmed Dia atrás
Wendell Burkhart
Wendell Burkhart 2 dias atrás
One of the greatest guitarists that ever lived ! I have never listened to anything he's recorded that I didn't like. Him and Chet Atkins were something to watch .
John Gibson
John Gibson 2 dias atrás
The one negative of this is how he chose to set-up his Strat sound. The original studio sound was clean with some reverb and compression; the tone was crisp and jangled as only a Strat can. Here it is overdriven and the tone is muffled - it loses it's vitality. It doesn't do justice to his fingerwork.
Eloise Solomon
Eloise Solomon 2 dias atrás
Magnificent, I never get tired of listening to you sing.❤️
Su Flo
Su Flo 2 dias atrás
Mark has retired now he is 72 years old.He has brought happiness to millions of people who love him very much.Enjoy your retirement Mark we all thank you for your beautiful and gifted music and songs.❤️
Josee DM
Josee DM 2 dias atrás
0:41:00 Ultra mega Epic Intro ... I love it <3
Su Flo
Su Flo 2 dias atrás
Mark has retired now God bless him always wherever he may be.He has brought happiness to millions of people.Thank you very much Dear Mark ❣️
Rafael Prado
Rafael Prado 2 dias atrás
A cada dia que passa eu fico mais convicto que o BRvid é dominado pelos brasileiros! Todo vídeo que entro de música internacional ou qualquer outro tem sempre um BR.
Betty Ramirez Tello
Betty Ramirez Tello 2 dias atrás
Beautiful 💓💓💓💓
Su Flo
Su Flo 2 dias atrás
Mark is 72 years old now and he's now retired.Thank you Mark for your wonderful music.You are Legend.Enjoy your retirement. Much love.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🥀
Armando Ermocida
Armando Ermocida 2 dias atrás
Good Night Friend'Sssss.... @rmandò for your favorite family
Taouil Ali
Taouil Ali 2 dias atrás
Thank you very much
Armando Ermocida
Armando Ermocida 2 dias atrás
Mark Knopfler and The Perfect Band The Dire Straits IN THE ROCK Mark of The World Band Dire Straits for me & you To goooo.....Let'S gooo @nd me @rmandò Common baby'S Boise'S common bye your @rmandò Hermes Bye MuSiC beat Revolution Country Pop Rock Classic Blues Let'S Gooooo .
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Jjhg
Herr Gerd
Herr Gerd 2 dias atrás
Have a look to the faces of the audience at the end... Pure enthusiasm! I love it,, takes you to the fairground, from the first beat to the last...
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás
@Herr Gerd thank you. I am very pleased❤️🎸
Herr Gerd
Herr Gerd 2 dias atrás
@Andrzej Jasinski Hi Andrzej, well done👍
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Jjgf
Sabane Sore
Sabane Sore 2 dias atrás
Mark is a genius
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Jjhgg
Judit Major
Judit Major 2 dias atrás
Sultans of Swinds a kedvencem! Köszi!
Sture Jonsson
Sture Jonsson 2 dias atrás
I like the Dire Straits😊😊👌👌👍👍
Jesús Lozano Fuentes
Jesús Lozano Fuentes 2 dias atrás
Excelente música gracias
Enzo Scalia
Enzo Scalia 2 dias atrás
Imperatore della Stratocaster
victor josé camarate
victor josé camarate 2 dias atrás
São um tornado de saudades, musicalidade linda
KALI FORNIA 3 dias atrás
looks like Lucka Modrich
Gérard Knops
Gérard Knops 3 dias atrás
Mark Knopfler is one of the best guitar ever :)
Juan Carlos Torres-Urrutia M.D.
Susan Grossman
Susan Grossman 3 dias atrás
They were very popular here in the US. Great talented group. Their other song was more of a hit - Walk of Life - BUR I prefer this song.
Susan Grossman
Susan Grossman 3 dias atrás
I meant but!
Ralph Lopez
Ralph Lopez 3 dias atrás
Terry williams is killling those drums🔥💣🔥💣🔥💣
María del mar Blanes balcells
I.m craying......... thanks.......!¡!!!!!!!!!!
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Jjhg
Tayfur Özel
Tayfur Özel 2 dias atrás
Ich auch!
SP 3 dias atrás
One pley puct
Marica Opačić
Marica Opačić 3 dias atrás
Amezing ❤️ I love MARK ever and forever
fvandongen 3 dias atrás
I always get emotional when I listen to this song. I don’t know why.. I think it ’s the guitars. The song start happy but gets more sad and sensitive from mid to end. It’s like a lifecycle starting young & happy, then things in life get slowly more serious. When older you look back to your (happy) youth. The child in yourself screaming for to go back in time. Just so emotional. Time flies.
John Wilson
John Wilson 2 dias atrás
It's great song and that's what great songs can do.
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Jhgg
HEDGE1011 3 dias atrás
I completely understand your point. The turning point for me is the passage between about 7:20 and 8:20 or so (great drum fill by Terry Williams around 7:33, by the way), which is one of the most beautiful and poignant in all of music. I’m so grateful I got to hear Dire Straits perform this live before Mark decided to stop putting it in the set list for personal reasons.
tony Ahren
tony Ahren 3 dias atrás
Respect ever
tony Ahren
tony Ahren 3 dias atrás
So much beautiful
Зуднев Олег
Зуднев Олег 3 dias atrás
Класная группа
Сергей Волков
I crazy love this men for this sound. Its fantastic! Безумно люблю этих мужиков за эту музыку. Это сказочно прекрасная музыка. Особенно начало.
Lorna Mc Neill
Lorna Mc Neill 4 dias atrás
In a different genre I'd love to hear Mark sing Leonard Cohen
Lorna Mc Neill
Lorna Mc Neill 4 dias atrás
One of best rock bands of all time,magical hypnotic music,god I'm glad I lived with them
samuel sessions
samuel sessions 4 dias atrás
This is orchestral. Anyone who thinks rock music at its very best isn’t serious music should listen to this. And I agree with the comments below. Mark Knopfler’s playing is brilliant and uniquely his own, as much as or more than any of the great guitarists who played during that golden era. I could name a few others who might compete on this score, but to my mind that kind of comparison is not in keeping with recognizing his greatness on its own. And it may sound self-contradictory but I’m not even disagreeing with Brakkeleer Thuis’ post immediately below. At this level there are no words.
Holli1st 4 dias atrás
Fantastic, geil, and awesome. :-) says Holli from Germany
Elba Gomez
Elba Gomez 4 dias atrás
Bellísimo!!!! Dulzura para mis oídos ❤❤
mark totton
mark totton 4 dias atrás
The Alchemy live from 1983 has much better versions. As well as Mark's brother David on rhythm guitar
Mac J
Mac J 2 dias atrás
Just to clarify David left the band in 1980 during the recording of Making Movies album. The guy you are referring to is Hal Lindes
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Bhhgg
Ludovina Núñez
Ludovina Núñez 4 dias atrás
¡¡¡ Only wooonderfull, ...!!! 😉😊🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌💜❤💖💕🥰😘😘😘😘😘
Sidonie Nganzali
Sidonie Nganzali 4 dias atrás
What a guitare and a song!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Colleen O'Brien
Colleen O'Brien 4 dias atrás
Beautiful ❤️
Colleen O'Brien
Colleen O'Brien 5 dias atrás
Beautiful ❤️
Jeanne Boada
Jeanne Boada 5 dias atrás
Groupe talentueux
Jason Paul Jones
Jason Paul Jones 5 dias atrás
Stuning. Just stuning.
Bryan Leonen
Bryan Leonen 5 dias atrás
The sax and the bass. Oh my
Andrew Mcguire
Andrew Mcguire 5 dias atrás
Most likely the best outro ever, can it be surpassed? Highly unlikely
Invista 5 dias atrás
The best thing, I've ever heard. And that is my statement.
Andrzej Jasinski
Andrzej Jasinski 2 dias atrás Hhhg
Gai' Yuli Petroniy
Gai' Yuli Petroniy 5 dias atrás
Марк после аварии,в отличной физической форме! Живи долго!
Bahaoui Abderrahim
Bahaoui Abderrahim 5 dias atrás