Dr. John Campbell
Dr. John Campbell
Dr. John Campbell
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Hello Everyone,
My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.

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@bobgibby9292 4 horas atrás
@bobgibby9292 4 horas atrás
@rrandor1 4 horas atrás
Dr Campbell, can you give your take on the treatments recommended for post-vacs injuries? There are several, and people are so jaundiced that they are rejecting everything out of hand. They dont trust anyone even doctors that have been giving their protocols for year.
@thebadgerette69 4 horas atrás
I got the J and J and had an allergic reaction. Then got the Moderna, I now have Ling, breast, bone, and adrenal cancer!
@nadeijeathlan 4 horas atrás
Thank you Dr Claire for talking about death so simply and to advocate for us to reconsider our relationship with death itself.
@citizenoftheearth6 5 horas atrás
Two different doctors: one that rambles and one who knows how to explain complex things in simple terms.
@womanofsubstance8735 5 horas atrás
Hopefully the lesson learned from the fast-tracked vaccines is that fast-tracking is not necessarily a good thing. But Covid was moving so fast . . . Unfortunately, there is no way to know what would have actually happened (how many deaths, side- after-effects, etc) without the vaccines that were developed so quickly.
@rbrock00 5 horas atrás
Just to remind everyone of the history, the repudiation of two drugs which showed possible efficacy for treatment of the virus, was not based on science or medical research, but rather on politics, and on grift of staggering proportions. Millions of people died needlessly, and thousands more continue to suffer the after-effects of both the illness, and the "remedy", which was forced on the population. The pandemic was a humanitarian disaster, which was totally avoidable.
Why is the british NHS medication made to not cure you? There is going to be a massive national enquiry and national rebelion when the people find out what they are doing to us. This is mad!
@susannemac2800 5 horas atrás
Adults need vitamin D to synth beta-carotin. The WHO recommend breast feeding till 24 months because of the high vitamin A content. For the demographics with vit A deficiency effecting infants, the WHO recommend vitA supplementation for Pregnant women as it significantly prolongs the assimilation in the baby. The mothers of those kids with severe pneumonia were pregnant during that 18 month lock down. Locked in their houses with no access to sun and fresh veg and with no supplementation; and the babes have to mask up all the time. The outcome seems inevitable to me. My questions, why doesn't the WHO read their own research, recommendations or website? Why are they still not pushing vitamins?
@pushpa_youtubelibrary 5 horas atrás
16:33 - Dr. Clare, you are right. The "doctors" and everyone else got so obsessed with numbers. I am fine if the common people lost their mind, but even the so called "medically trained doctors" were also obsessed with the stupid data and the doctors who I presumed were trained to be fearless of any "bacteria" or "virus" were refusing to see patients. That's when I knew that the medical industry was no longer what I assumed it was.
@userz_whatnext 5 horas atrás
I wish if there's translations for other languages
@micaellnstrup4602 5 horas atrás
Many highly educated people are good at complying and have lernt to uncoupling “common sense”. Therefore many take authorities words for good value. They have lernt to do what is expected of them. Many times that is how they where able to get a higher education..
@userz_whatnext 5 horas atrás
Best doctor , so much respect to you Dr John Campbell.
@pushpa_youtubelibrary 6 horas atrás
1:36 - I knew this even without any data / "research" from the so called "experts. This entire video was an excellent discussion Dr. John. It sounds like the medical education system itself has changed and hence the quality of "doctors" being produced has become poor. Western medical system is now being reduced to algorithms and driven by "protocols". Dr. John and Dr. Clare - you are probably the last generation of nurses/doctors who care about the natural immunity. The newer generation of "doctors" and their cronies DO NOT CARE about keeping their patients healthy because there is ZERO profit in being healthy.
@daveo643 6 horas atrás
And now 194 countries are pledging to sign all our rights over to the W.H.O. to rule over us when they decide the next pandemic or health emergency arises....
@gavinanderson4147 6 horas atrás
Talmud ?
@richardlasamarchitect 6 horas atrás
Here in the philippines around october to november a sort of epidemic of flu like illnesses spread across the school system. It seemed to be due to this year being the first full face to face school season.
@peterhodgkins6985 6 horas atrás
She's marvelous! I'm happy to say I ordered her book and am just one book away from diving in! ;) Thanks for the wonderful interviews!
@lemonborn 6 horas atrás
@markbunting6051 6 horas atrás
Really informative, cuts through the BS that main stream media just love feeding us
@rasilryan6053 6 horas atrás
They knew!
@visionworld4426 6 horas atrás
Dr. Campbell... wow 1.2 million viewers.
@johnjacobs3502 6 horas atrás
@och1ltree 6 horas atrás
In the instances that you discuss, where people had been isolated from others such as the scientists that went to the Arctic and eventually became ill. How do you know that the illness was caused by a virus? For example, I've became ill through being soaked and getting cold. Surely it's possible that the cold I got was my body reacting to that shock. How do you know that it's not material in the air that causes colds and flus? Most people get the cold in winter in Europe, in India its when the monsoon comes. Could the change in temperatures, humidity, and for us, less daylight hours, not cause some sort of reaction in our bodies resulting in illness?
@ea2631 6 horas atrás
My friends and I were all in a gym one summer in 2021. Out of the 8 of us chatting one day, one said they would get it, another said maybe, the remaining 6 said no never. Out of those 8 only two refused by 2022. Some were mildly coerced, but most just gave into the pressure. I hope for their sake this doesn't effect them too heavily and there srent serious long term consequences
@lemonborn 6 horas atrás
UNI versus TEA of NORTH CHAPEL of CAROL 1965 NINTEEN SIXTY FIVE pyser and FRAUDCHI dr MART TINTIN universitea of north chapel of carol the state of ununited states~ back in 1965 it's NOT a CONSPIRACY story is it, if it is ACTUALLY TRUE AND THEY ADMIT TO IT IN THEIR "SCIENCE" MAGS ANd satanist CONFESSION PAPERSp
@Realitybites123 6 horas atrás
Right stop all planes from china entering this country. Also any planes that have had link flights through china. Learn from the last bollock dropped
@lorimedeiros1988 7 horas atrás
Its awful what had been happening between this thing and cop28 get ready for king Charles speech SOON TO THE 🌎
@lorainewhitehead229 7 horas atrás
Here in New Zealand a man was shot, dead in the street. Yet he died from covid??? The bullet must have been the secondary factor 😮
@BeReytM8 7 horas atrás
Hancock, van tam, and whitty should be made to watch this content as part of the covid inquiry and answer questions why they made project fear their response to make a major drama out of a small crisis, oh, sorry forgot at least two of them are now sirs, job done they got what they wanted. Shame we all had to pay the price.
@joemay2640 7 horas atrás
Very worrying, my God the poor Chinese people 😢 I hope its not another pandemic 😢
@michaelbrady4283 7 horas atrás
I have to admit that initially, in late March 2020, I was very afraid of the sc2. Having been 'furloughed' though I had nothing to do but research for 20 hours per day. Within days I had discovered that absolutely Nothing had changed with regard to the % death rate other than the 'midazolam and morphine' deliberate poisoning of the elderly. What I find unbelievable is how long it took others to catch on.
@chrishi3358 7 horas atrás
The Mycoplasma pneumonia is a side effect of the C V. You can find it in pfizer's FOIA Data in Section 5.3.6
@morphix9 7 horas atrás
Beware 🐥truth expires in the moment of it’s own conception , almost like a snowflake . Politicians skate on the ice of their own fantasy, but scientists must try always to disprove the truth before their own eyes before it is offered to the politicians on the melting ice.
@jodyward3790 7 horas atrás
I cannot thank both of you enough for these conversations. In a very real way you have greatly comforted me regarding the loss of my husband two years ago. Many questions remain unanswered, but I deeply appreciate this open conversation! Thank you.
@Campbellteaching 6 horas atrás
I am so sorry for you loss
@RonnieM 7 horas atrás
Thank you both! Great minds!
@benm3382 7 horas atrás
I used to love science, academic literature, and following along with the developments of every field. In my last year at university I started to becomed disenchanted realizing how flimsy so much research is, what a royal parade the whole tenure and grant funding system is, and finally seeing how so much pseudoscience in the sociology field is infecting everything else. Right then is when covid hit, and even as I dutifully waited with bated breath for every official update I realized that science wasn't giving me warm fuzzies but instead made me feel like a pavlovian dog. It felt like there were so many clear abuses and neglects going on, for example completely letting the Xinese government off the hook or the fact that doctors refuse to report adverse effects my friends had to vaccination. This video is a reminder of the warm, sparky, inquisitive feeling that science and medicine are supposed to give.
@violamanzanares8721 7 horas atrás
Thank you for all the information you bring us. My husband got quite ill after the first vaccine and was adamant to take the second. Upon the second vaccine he ended up in the Hospital and passed away.
@sabinapapita1800 8 horas atrás
A lot of my friends have thyroid problems lately
@PGpenny6 8 horas atrás
Have been so encouraged hearing these chats with Dr. Craig. Thank you so much, both!
@Onehitwonder888 8 horas atrás
This is happening to dogs 🐶 🐩 also! Do not take your dogs to doggy hotels, Dog parks, shopping centers, that leave water bowls out for dogs to drink from. Pet stores etc. of course it’s your life it’s your dog you choose what to do. I just wanted to put this out there for everyone to be aware about what’s happening in the US and if you have any furry babies or friends, we want to do the best we can to protect them.✨🩵
@glenmayepete 8 horas atrás
Over on the Isle of Man, people got arrested for going to the shop for a pint of milk!
@SuperGeorge1973 8 horas atrás
In sync with new vac-rounds in the Netherlands
@nigelpitsch5946 8 horas atrás
Why would the wait for a cv test before doing a death cert for a brain anurisim death The were collecting data who knows a trend may have emerged of vascular damage This may have assisted overal in understanding the effects of a desease that effected blood cv was not just a resoiratory virus Honestly john i cant listen any further this is below you usual dilligence
@bobthebuilder9553 8 horas atrás
I know some nurses who still have their collective heads in the sand about corona, or covid. Its mibd boggling.
@nigelpitsch5946 8 horas atrás
Why did they highten the fear around cv So the the people would treat it with respect and modify their behaviours so as to reduce transmission and protect the hospital system ! This is getting worse
@AntonBrowne 8 horas atrás
Thank you. This seems to me, to be an informed, clear, reasonable, and rational explanation that makes sense to me. I appreciate the lack of any hype. Thanks again.
@nigelpitsch5946 8 horas atrás
This is possibly the worst interview i have heard and it is dissapointing the obvious flaws are everywhere A 13 year old boy died due to a poorly fixed breathing tube so he died from medical mistake !!! Why were they putting in a breathing tube because he was healthy. Honestly ??
@nigelpitsch5946 8 horas atrás
When cv was killing many and great concerns on uncontrolled expansion would you have attended a cv sufferer .