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Kindness is sexy.
2 meses atrás
Kindness is sexy.
2 meses atrás
India, find them on Bumble!
4 meses atrás
India, find them on Bumble!
4 meses atrás
7 meses atrás
India, find them on Bumble!
8 meses atrás
Find Hyderabad on Bumble
8 meses atrás
W.P.C Dark Evil Lord Badass Gamer Legend Celebrity
Christy D. Washington
Christy D. Washington 17 horas atrás
Hello Bea Arthur! Thank you for the video! ❤
{MGN GURJAR} Dia atrás
Is female actress ka naam btao koi?
Lisbeth Pichardo
Lisbeth Pichardo Dia atrás
“If you don’t want it, and is not for you, don’t do it” i know for sure now that polyamory is not for me. I tried it with my ex and i hated myself so much for it and only got heartbroken and betrayed multiple times. Be true to who you are always and you’ll find the right person for you.
micki prince rizzo
micki prince rizzo 2 dias atrás
Shirin 3 dias atrás
Wait so no one sees Orlando bloom vibes?
Avni Katara
Avni Katara 3 dias atrás
Why everyone talking about him(ik he is good)but the girl, i love her more..can anyone tell me her name ?
{MGN GURJAR} Dia atrás
Ya her name is shurti katara sister of A.k but she is more more beautiful than her i love her i just fall in love with ak 😍❤️❤️😍😍😍😍she is the one Baki sb to thik hai but vo haye the cutetesttt broo wish ki i marryy her soon 🥹🥹🥹😍😍😍😍🥵hotest girl i have ever see
DetoxRadio 4 dias atrás
lol the black community is doomed. We living in the end times and this are the conversations that we are having. SEEK GOD! everything they are talking about goes against God and his will for us. SMH
MrHoneyBadger 5 dias atrás
mfs made this a pay to win battleroyale 💀
Samia 6 dias atrás
Is :50 Blake Lively?
muchachita 7 dias atrás
This new app didn't work at least for me, I was never able to see profiles even when I disabled all filters. The bumble team never gave me a solution. They only made me understand that in order to see people I have to pay.
adwitiya agrawal
adwitiya agrawal 7 dias atrás
I was watching sushant throughout the conversation 😊most positive..natural and attractive
Precious Skinner
Precious Skinner 8 dias atrás
Samael Moneystein
Samael Moneystein 8 dias atrás
Stop letting trans identify as real women.
Eternal Doll
Eternal Doll 9 dias atrás
For the people saying that this guy is "unhappy" because she is fat and he could have had a skinner, more-attractive girl, this man knew damn well wtf he was doing. He could have gotten a skinny girl. Either he prefers bigger girls (which isn't the case most likely) or he really just likes her for who she is. Why can't they just be in love??? Though damn yeah I hope this girl does lose weight FOR HER HEALTH.
Hannah 10 dias atrás
We love Carly Aquilino in this household!!!
Annika Castillo
Annika Castillo 10 dias atrás
Cristina Yang?
DebKiran Mallick
DebKiran Mallick 10 dias atrás
Where is the microphone button ??
Stony Tark                    (formerly Erodoeht)
When your 8/10 ex-wife ropes you into paying more cs than your rent, you do what you have to do.
Sara Hardin
Sara Hardin 11 dias atrás
This the realest dude i ever listened to
upashna limbu
upashna limbu 11 dias atrás
Soo do I get Aditya Roy Kapoor??
john hagan
john hagan 13 dias atrás
Hilarious ... Best way to get you in the Friend-zone.
john hagan
john hagan 13 dias atrás
Simping is sexy. Every woman wants a Beta Or several Orbiters
•Forever•Toni• 13 dias atrás
Model?! This is so fake these ppl aren’t a couple they are hired actors lol
Unknowingly Simple
Unknowingly Simple 13 dias atrás
She turned out to be the biggest apple he ever picked in his life.
SomeChickNamedStella 13 dias atrás
I’m trans and this ad is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. If this couple is even real I give it a year before he is railing coke off a high school girls tits and she is mainlining meth in a back alley. Ignorance is bliss I guess…
SAUCEN 15 dias atrás
Wow whata peice of propaganda 😂
Rutger Hauser
Rutger Hauser 14 dias atrás
This ad is tryna sell fat bitches a dream XD
Ashleysunlight 16 dias atrás
TODD what are you doing here 🤣 I'm telling Eliot and Margo😂
xoxo 17 dias atrás
as a black women hearing this is truly the best feeling i ever felt because growing up i had a really hard time liking myself and my skin color. just found my new favorite video on earth
Oliver Synowiec
Oliver Synowiec 17 dias atrás
Why cant i start a convo with my match but they have to make the first move,and why is it time gated?
David Walker
David Walker 18 dias atrás
Dead stared the first half and laughed the rest
Brian Gan
Brian Gan 20 dias atrás
Couples who meet online are 6 times more likely to divorce than couples who meet the traditional way. So, even if i am doing bad meeting someone "organically", it's still better than majority of people who use dating apps
e fuluifoung
e fuluifoung 20 dias atrás
Got me twirling my feet in the air🫠
Cassandra Rousos
Cassandra Rousos 23 dias atrás
But what if an ugly person acted like that. Like the kind of person who had zits in highschool and now looks like Freddy crouger.
John B
John B 24 dias atrás
It all depends right? Could be perfectly normal, could be strange. Every situation is different 🤷‍♂️
Bey Lee
Bey Lee 24 dias atrás
Are they still cool? I miss seeing them together. I notice that they don't follow each other on social media anymore.
Davy Nichols
Davy Nichols 24 dias atrás
I am so sick of this BS. Kindness in men is not sexy, because turns out women also care about gender roles, and dating apps are trying to keep you alone.
lifeenthusiast 25 dias atrás
they knew what they were doing when they hired him
Rizvaldo 25 dias atrás
Those 5 second Bumble adverts suck also. And those paid actors don't look like they would use the app lol
favOriTe 27 dias atrás
I'm here cause just like everyone on the video - I also crushed on him 😔
Kaique Assis
Kaique Assis 29 dias atrás
I drive
RP forever
RP forever 29 dias atrás
Who's this girl?!?! She's so pretty 😍😍😍
David Dawkins
David Dawkins 29 dias atrás
learnto make good ads
pemmareddy vinaya kumar
CHETAN PRAKASH 29 dias atrás
CHETAN PRAKASH 29 dias atrás