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lilly lazer
lilly lazer Dia atrás
Cotton Candy Girl guy looks like he would be someone who has holes in his walls and spies on ppl.
Nascii 9
Nascii 9 Dia atrás
Os portugueses nestas merdas são uns conas crlh, talento 0, tenho vergonha, só o politicamente correto é aceitável, só se vê futebol e novelas e o programa da Júlia, acordem caralho, isto é o risco azul dos tempos modernos, vocês é que não se apercebem
cylenzia Dia atrás
i just noticed the violin kid’s violin had a hope ribbon on it!!
klhaudita Leto
klhaudita Leto Dia atrás
Sharon Is my forever mood....🤣🤣🤣🤣
Morad Tarzan
Morad Tarzan Dia atrás
6:20 pause the video Here, you can really see a black iron sharpnels between the man and this lady
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson Dia atrás
Brittany wannabe had me SENT
Liam's Epic Playhouse
The last guy was so nice
agr0nianTV Dia atrás
DJ John just wanted to put on a show lol
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith Dia atrás
Mingi Pinkie
Mingi Pinkie Dia atrás
I really dislike judges who think they’re the shit when it comes to seeing people perform their talents. Like damn be patient and let the act finish and then you can decide. Just because you see 1 damn second of the act without seeing something eye-catching “yet” doesn’t mean you should dislike it immediately. 🙄🙄🙄😬
Betyy Fields
Betyy Fields Dia atrás
Maee xx
Maee xx Dia atrás
the first girl looks like samanta from the circle
Safwan Alshref
Safwan Alshref Dia atrás
هل من عربي هنا لايك
Aiden Cruz
Aiden Cruz Dia atrás
That kid is amazing at the instrument and life
Catherine Brown
Catherine Brown Dia atrás
Calum: the offspring of Adam Levine and James Blunt
Nyx :
Nyx : Dia atrás
"The Singing Souls" Simon : "T-the Singing Trolls" Them: "Souls!" Me: Y'all sure, because to me you look like Alvin and the chumpkins"
Hiii!!! It’s Ella!!
Mary: “I’m gonna walk out of this room and say “Hey whatever”. Also Mary: **rages and cries in the hall**
good yoo
good yoo Dia atrás
David Williams 's dirty man Yuck !!
Flex L
Flex L Dia atrás
I think the fist one sings pretty good
Don Noel
Don Noel Dia atrás
If I were as stupid as some of those auditioning in this video I would seriously consider suicide
Ash Dark
Ash Dark Dia atrás
i love the strip tease because of Simons face
_Dust - GFX
_Dust - GFX Dia atrás
Since when does Ireland's got talent exist lmao
Vera Vik
Vera Vik Dia atrás
Omg the cats 😍😍 how cute?? 😭
Josias Hernandez
Josias Hernandez Dia atrás
one word : flat
Jikatu Dia atrás
I like these animal :D 9:00
Agatha Wells
Agatha Wells Dia atrás
woah so good soon i hope i could be on it
nayrb1306 YT
nayrb1306 YT Dia atrás
Why are all the judges on AMERICA’s got talent NOT AMERICANS ????????? KEY WORD AMERICA
Thomas Doko
Thomas Doko Dia atrás
8:18 ewww
Gachacookies! Dia atrás
5:44 to 7:19 HE IS SO DANG FLEXIBE!!!!!!!!!!!
Yui Nurahilyon
Yui Nurahilyon Dia atrás
Man what is wrong with these judges 2:22. It literally takes time to train dogs, it takes discipline and patience to be able to make them perform this kind of tricks. 2:40 man this is why I love Simon hahahaha. Straightforward and honest.
Lorrie Rabbit
Lorrie Rabbit Dia atrás
Wow !!
Jack Avery
Jack Avery Dia atrás
The 2nd one shook the crowd and made me smile
Barney K
Barney K Dia atrás
Well second contestant doesn't deserve to go further 😜, she blackmailed them by emotion
BW6464 Foster
BW6464 Foster Dia atrás
7:07 her laugh is very disarming 🙈
Rabee Zidane
Rabee Zidane Dia atrás
مواهب مزبطه بس تصوير معفن!!! وهندسه صوت زباله ونجوى لازم تخلص! فش دمقراطيه نفس الحكام عطول السنين
JA's Media Studio
First guy definitely came on the show to do exactly that🤣🤣🤣🤣
This is NOT a YouTube channel
Now the new “Escamo Blonde” is “Escamo Blonde (with a dark brown)”
Lafe Denton
Lafe Denton Dia atrás
You know how to tell a famous British actor or comedian? They aren’t in Britain they have moved to the USA to become rich and famous
scott leachman
scott leachman Dia atrás
SATANIC...go figure. Tha dude sick...the serpent always have raise it's head as it expose itself . Satan always do this his trademark. Always.
Latifah Jay
Latifah Jay Dia atrás this a horor
UwU Dia atrás
Ben trigger triggered the Golden buzzer
Aleksa Dimić
Aleksa Dimić Dia atrás
Death metal guy should have said in the end Amanda never bothered me anyways.
Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin Dia atrás
The last guy, the dancer, looks like Patton Oswalt.
Unique Anique
Unique Anique Dia atrás
The old women is the sweetest little old lady ever I’m crying
Lea H.
Lea H. Dia atrás
Amber Saunders
Amber Saunders Dia atrás
Was weeping by the end of Angelica’s
larissa ribeiro
larissa ribeiro Dia atrás
what's the name of that song on the second performance?????
Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith Dia atrás
Thank you My Dear
Gee Money
Gee Money Dia atrás
R&B Jay z N Beyonce originals
Julie Boulogne
Julie Boulogne Dia atrás
The last one is soooo wild! Lol
Miya Rhee
Miya Rhee Dia atrás
The one with Andrew CRACKED me up OMG
Does anyone think about how she can hear her own voice because it's beautiful
Drew Hiatt
Drew Hiatt Dia atrás
simen has ben so mean
SimplyMelody Dia atrás
Okay what I don’t get about the first one is Mel b and Howie both didn’t even buzz the buzzer? They just immediately said no...
Sofía Mier y Terán Domínguez
That moment when Celine turned to her parents before belting out that super hard note and her dad nods to her made me cry the hardest ever
MarshSkyツ Dia atrás
Lmao! They most definitely used that ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’ background music intentionally and for a reason! 😂😂🤣🤣
Sydney McDonald
Sydney McDonald Dia atrás
Amanda I hated the first one I know how you feel Amanda
Princess Crown Production
Mary kinda sounds like Celine Dion in a hilarious way
Jackie Ruiz Sanchez
Some of these people just cant take criticism!
Amber was here
Amber was here Dia atrás
I bet Simon is questioning his sexuality.
Henry Alonso
Henry Alonso Dia atrás
Que miedo si soi yo y casi me meo ui que como esque ase eso da lik si crees que es aterrador
Cheche Licanel
Cheche Licanel Dia atrás
Wooow.. Kababayan.. Taga tacurong din po ako.. Galing.
Widson Ribeiro Neto
agr0nianTV Dia atrás
9:38 I'm shocked that he wanted a 2nd song 15:40 One of probably technically :3
Drew Hiatt
Drew Hiatt Dia atrás
that 79 year old was killing it
FIZ Ruscoe
FIZ Ruscoe Dia atrás
If you think you’re bad at singing just know that these people exist...
Mr BetaBombs
Mr BetaBombs Dia atrás
3:27 Official subtitles: Don't go around breaking young girl's side *Cries for help of a whale about to die* And another also told me that be careful look for you that be careful look for you becomes the tru' *hEy HEy heY*
PrigoX Dia atrás
13:46 sad noises 😔
Junior Eddy
Junior Eddy Dia atrás
They all are butifl
Reka Fialowski
Reka Fialowski Dia atrás
9:40 looks 100% , attitude -100% , well ... she reminds me of Angelina Jolie but in a next life as a pornstar!
Super Spud
Super Spud Dia atrás
Jhonata Evangelista
A do japonês só funciona se for japonês
Sinting. 404
Sinting. 404 Dia atrás
Orang +62 🇮🇩 mana nih 🤣
Amber was here
Amber was here Dia atrás
I would have gave him the golden buzzer, to the first guy. He's my god!
Hello Dia atrás
They laugh but they click dislike..
Krista Praulina
Krista Praulina Dia atrás
Cat walking on two front feet on sticks looked a lot like animal abuse! Am I the only one who find it horrible? I mean, ANIMALS are not created to do human tricks!!
Krista Praulina
Krista Praulina Dia atrás
@Kim Duh Thanks for explaining, cleared most of what I thought was cruel.
Kim Duh
Kim Duh Dia atrás
Krista Praulina it’s not animal abuse💕, Some cats are supposed to be trained 24/7, if not they will become very aggressive and mean towards other people. Intelligent cats are called work cats, Which means they supposed to be doing tricks or training everyday so they wont get bored and become aggressive. And cats actually do these kind of stuff by themselves if you didn’t know.. they can walk on sticks and they are experts. And flexible.
Laci M
Laci M Dia atrás
you know it’s gonna be good when the kid has musicians and a background
Lns sylvia
Lns sylvia Dia atrás
Sérieusement elle est diaboliquement possédée ..on dirait une psychopathe, elle craint.
Amber was here
Amber was here Dia atrás
The first guy is a God, I want all his albums.
brama Dia atrás
The first old woman sucked so bad... and she was just annoying. How dare they vote yes for her.
Sir Nightmare
Sir Nightmare Dia atrás
5:09 😂
Rebecca Tatum
Rebecca Tatum Dia atrás
I believe that is Ariel had actually chose a song to sing she would’ve been amazing. It’s a shame she has passed away 😢