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79 Comentários
DiNO 'EL'NiNO!!!
DiNO 'EL'NiNO!!! 7 horas atrás
abo osama
abo osama 8 horas atrás
VARDY 13 horas atrás
Nath R
Nath R 13 horas atrás
that defender just let it sit right up for him perfectly, great execution on the strike.
Lucas Recco
Lucas Recco 13 horas atrás
Vamos Leicester!!!!
Riccardo Alain Amico
Riccardo Alain Amico 14 horas atrás
I want him to play forever
Aldellan Tibúrcio
Aldellan Tibúrcio 15 horas atrás
Alguém veio pelo peleja?
Moisés Rocha
Moisés Rocha 15 horas atrás
The boss forever💙🇹🇭🇧🇷
Minori Koyanagi
Minori Koyanagi 16 horas atrás
Vardy gives such a amazing assist to most of the goals!
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe 18 horas atrás
Didn’t know vardy could do flips 😂
Kevin Ng
Kevin Ng 19 horas atrás
The blue feedback superficially knot because rod reportedly plug modulo a safe rhinoceros. invincible, amusing glider
Lynnie Heal
Lynnie Heal 19 horas atrás
VERY proud of #LCFCWomen
Gian 19 horas atrás
Please just win
GeezerNo.15 19 horas atrás
A must-win game 💪🏻
Phil McManus
Phil McManus 20 horas atrás
I'm a united fan but this gives me goosebumps. I'm a football fan. Martin Tyler's commentary is iconic. Beautiful moment for the sport
Rungrojn Krasaesom
Rungrojn Krasaesom 22 horas atrás
Raditya Parwistama
I love you The Thinker Man...
Muhammad Rizal Nur Rohman
Wira Chandra
Wira Chandra Dia atrás
Come on you foxes 🦊🦊
Comment Content
Comment Content Dia atrás
Let's goo Thanawat
ประภาส ขามรัตน์
จัดทีมไว้ล่าแชมป์ พมล.ฤดูกาลหน้าโดยเฉพาะ ประตธ ชไมเคิล ดอนนารุมมา ยาคูโปวิช
ประภาส ขามรัตน์
ร้อนนี้เสริมหนักๆจากตัวฟรีเอเย่นระดับเวิรลคลาส ดอนนารุมมา กราเซีย เดปาย โตแวง ซื้อเสริมระดับเกรดเอ ทาร์คอฟสกี้ เนเวส วอร์ดพราวส์ ลินกราด ตัวละ25ลป. ระดับเกรดบี อาร์รอน แคนท์เวลล์ เอดูอาร์ ตูฟาน เฉลี่ยตัวละ15ลป. เกรย์2ลป. เรียกเบนโควิช เกซซาลคืนรัง(ปัจจุบันน่าจะ15แอสสิสต์ 3ยิงแล้วมั้ง) ไม่ซื้อขาด อุลเดอร์20ลป. ขายระดมทุน วอรด(ถ้าได้ดอนนารุมมา) มอร์แกน ฟุคส์ เมนดี้ ชูดูนี่ แมตตี้เจมส์ พอแระ
ประภาส ขามรัตน์
เห็นหน้าเมนดี้ ชูดูรี่แล้วไม่สบายใจ ขายทิ้งเลย แมตตี้ เจมส์ด้วย ตัวดีกว่านี้ก็มีแต่ไม่เอามาใช้ ทั้งเบนโควิช เกซซาล ฮอลล์ เกรย์ก็ขายทื้งแค่1.8ลป.เหมือนเขาไม่มีค่า ซื้อกลับมาด่วน 2ลป.น่าจะได้ตัว ทั้งได้แชมป์ พมล.ทั้งเป็นตัว hg ขายทิ้งทำไมไม่เข้าใจ
Glyn Payne
Glyn Payne Dia atrás
Big Frank! I salute you and your memory sir! Wolves fan, aged 59, from the cradle to the grave. I watched you play as a kid. As an England striker. I met you in Dorchester. Now retired in Mexico, I cherish your skill, talent and humanity. How the game needs more Frank Worthington's today. May Valhalla treat you like the king you are!
Pr3ttyfacex Vlxgs
When admiral is ur uncle check
Deano Sanders
Deano Sanders Dia atrás
Come on LEICESTER⚽️🦊 beat them fooking Hammers 1-3
Nobody Dia atrás
One of best wingers of the world
Kairo Kaliim
Kairo Kaliim Dia atrás
Play like you did against city and Lingard will have a ball
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
Revenge 4 tht 3-0 loss earlier in the ssn pls guys...but i don't hope Man Utd get their revenge at Tots...and if AV can keep pool at will b a very good weekend
Bob Metcalfe
Bob Metcalfe Dia atrás
Interesting story which I've just found through a friend. My dad was from Leicester, and always a fan, even after he moved to New Zealand in 1959. Difficult to follow your team if you've only got snail mail but people sent in the papers for quite some time. It's a real pity he died just a few years before this happened. He would have been over the moon.
Leicester Lad
Leicester Lad Dia atrás
Ravi Gill
Ravi Gill Dia atrás
We have to win this game come on boys
เขมจิรา เจอเนสส์โกลบอล
รอดเจอร์ คงไม่ตั้งเกมส์รับแล้วแพ้อีกนะคะ ตั้งแต่ดูมาทุกเกมส์ 99% แพ้ ถ้าตั้งเกมส์รับ
율붕이 Dia atrás
come on foxes🦊💙💙
레스터시티 Dia atrás
@사랑해메디슨 이기자!
Hedii Hamdlii
Hedii Hamdlii Dia atrás
Just think about the crowd of fans first goal versus mutd 😱👌
Tiagotrap Bayón
Tiagotrap Bayón Dia atrás
Go Foxes!!! !!!!!
Ewen Moore
Ewen Moore Dia atrás
Come on fox’s 🦊🦊🦊
Mauro Demarcke
Mauro Demarcke Dia atrás
Hope Vardy bags a goal
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
How about 2 or 3 😂😁
ᄋ. Dia atrás
Let's go!! Foxys
life long
life long Dia atrás
The pitches and players of yesterday...their commitment, and lack of pay compared to what is expected now. Yet they had a great time being famous in football terms...Today, the glitz, haircuts, cars..... so many are beyond overpaid for the effort and lifestyle that most will never get close to.....A tremendous player was Frank, and a member of the team that today that still proves hard work pays..RIP Frank.
Em bé ngoan hiền
Come one Leicester City. I believe on you guys 😁
Come on you foxes time for revenge 🦊🦊🦊
Come on boys three points in the bag for next game and a an fa cup final
Yousuf Islam
Yousuf Islam Dia atrás
Coyf let's hopefully get the 3 points we are going to the London stadium against a very impressive west ham side but we are 2nd in the league in away wins
Rafael Villamarin Barrera
Come on Leicester we need to add three points🦊⚽️
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
@OM D don't 4get King JV fellow fox fans...he's had a li'l bit of a bad run of late...let's hope this game he can do smthng ab that goal drought...hope Maddison weaves his magic web again...maybe one of those postage stamps he did vs City
OM D Dia atrás
@Lleyton Hewitt true
Lleyton Hewitt
Lleyton Hewitt Dia atrás
@OM D Relax. Lingard is also worried with Fofana and Ndidi.
OM D Dia atrás
we do, im hoping for the best but am a little worried with lingard on fire
Rene B
Rene B Dia atrás
Is maddison back against West ham
Hisham Habayeb
Hisham Habayeb Dia atrás
@AvvePlays Clash no I think he will start because he came on as a sub against city so I think he is fit enough to play and Ricardo as well. We need these two players if we are to beat west ham
C_ AuRa
C_ AuRa Dia atrás
He was back on the bench last game tho He might start
AvvePlays Clash
AvvePlays Clash Dia atrás
Yes but he wont start i think
Gustav0 Dia atrás
Vamo caralho
Eh Kho So Toy มั่งมี
What Exactly
Thegoodman TOWN
Thegoodman TOWN Dia atrás
Joakim Kjellgren
Joakim Kjellgren Dia atrás
We most Win this pls i trust you guys💙🤍💙🦊
Siddhant Nalgundwar
Pls win this game
Ellie Flowers
Ellie Flowers Dia atrás
Appelsientje Zuipen
Sanu Ahmed
Sanu Ahmed Dia atrás
Hamza come to Bangladesh ⚽🇧🇩
Sunder Singh
Sunder Singh Dia atrás
Leicester till I die
popper stupid
popper stupid 2 dias atrás
Barry Wellard
Barry Wellard 2 dias atrás
We sat in the newly opened oasis bar and had a mixed grill❤️
Fantasy Deo
Fantasy Deo 2 dias atrás
Give credit to the mid fielder, Ndidi Fred. He made 80% possible.
AmateurMechanic 94
AmateurMechanic 94 2 dias atrás
9.59 seconds is pretty damn good to run 100+ yards
Raphael Block
Raphael Block 2 dias atrás
After this deserves 30 pace
เขมจิรา เจอเนสส์โกลบอล
โค้ชวางแผนผิด ทั้งๆที่ไม่มีอะไรจะเสีย ควรจะบุก ครึ่งแรกครองบอลแค่ 4% แล้วจะชนะได้อย่างไร และนักฟุตบอลทั้งทีมถนัดบุกและมีศักยภาพ
PF Owen
PF Owen 2 dias atrás
I’ve got a friend who supports Celtic but supports leister becuase we have Brendan rogers
Paul Jameson
Paul Jameson 3 dias atrás
The greatest in the land, LEICESTER. Boom go ladies
Kamani Parkes
Kamani Parkes 3 dias atrás
Even though i'm a United fan i got goosebumps when the fans celebrated when the ball went in the back of net, i miss the fans in the stadiums bcz it makes the game more interesting😢
Jeff Rayner
Jeff Rayner 3 dias atrás
Style and skill....and that hair was amazing RIP
rob dunbar
rob dunbar 3 dias atrás
Just loved him. Rest in peace Frank
RAGER RYAN 3 dias atrás
Lmao EA changed it to 30 this fifa 😂
oliver suto
oliver suto 3 dias atrás
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oliver suto 3 dias atrás
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Joseph Bradley
Joseph Bradley 3 dias atrás
First moment from this video is Johnny Evans in a United shirt years before his move to Leicester
Sauron 3 dias atrás
Thank manU
Harry Marriott
Harry Marriott 4 dias atrás
HD 4 dias atrás
What a stud 👍
jw jw
jw jw 4 dias atrás
what a team we had then so many good times we had . seems like we was at wembley like every year for about 7 years chasing promotion first blackburn then swindon palace derby middlesbrough spurs in league cup finals great times nice one for the video clip
S Phasit
S Phasit 4 dias atrás
Hi Fox from Thailand.
Jiffin Johnson
Jiffin Johnson 4 dias atrás
after seeing this he deserves 25 pace