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Moon Walker
Moon Walker 22 horas atrás
RIP grandma :(
Gamer 101
Gamer 101 22 horas atrás
respect police...they won't harass you without a reason...I have been slapped by police once & that was because I was crossing road with headphone ...I felt anger but it was his duty....
Pepop 22 horas atrás
Why is it BLUE
fuck boi
fuck boi 22 horas atrás
I think this is a simple case of darwinism
Sarah Cruz
Sarah Cruz 22 horas atrás
well donald is a bad president so we have permission to😛😛
Willie Andrews
Willie Andrews 22 horas atrás
Get ready for cashless to come . Nwo
Nguyen Hang
Nguyen Hang 22 horas atrás
I have it
Nguyen Hang
Nguyen Hang 22 horas atrás
The coronavirus to
Gregory Jason
Gregory Jason 22 horas atrás
Goddamn Yankees.
Antonio G.
Antonio G. 22 horas atrás
Call that a kid meal
Leonardo Larios
Leonardo Larios 22 horas atrás
Let me get that recipe Grandma!
ChronLogic 22 horas atrás
That's horrible!!
Rob Lemana
Rob Lemana 22 horas atrás
That last lady dont need it.
jagged tears
jagged tears 22 horas atrás
Um, this is why you do whatever the cops tell you.
goh han
goh han 22 horas atrás
the young gentlemen rush in the police man just stroll over too see whats going on
BNSF And Roblox Train Fan
Recall those roombas
I found jimins Jams
I found jimins Jams 22 horas atrás
2:29 OMG luCAs is dat u! NcT!!!!
mkrp4 22 horas atrás
It pays to stay single!
Draghar gaming
Draghar gaming 22 horas atrás
The donuts burglar was so nice sharing his stolen donuts
ChronLogic 22 horas atrás
Everyone will go back to chasing money and putting it off for tomorrow what's it's all over
Mark Norville
Mark Norville 22 horas atrás
It is up to the kid to learn English, he is in America not Spain or Mexico.
boxyice 101
boxyice 101 22 horas atrás
Nuys the way the sheep died in 2019
Hugh Manetty
Hugh Manetty 22 horas atrás
Submitting to a two year old barking out an order says everything about this idiot butler.
Casual uwu
Casual uwu 22 horas atrás
Why the music.........
Dylan Lee
Dylan Lee 22 horas atrás
This was a mistaken identity case.The sea lion thought she was a Chinese kid that ate one of the sea lions family members last week
CohenMGE 22 horas atrás
If he’s still alive as of 30 Mar 2020, he is 109 years old
Trisnomis 22 horas atrás
There spreading it they need to stay home
your boo isa
your boo isa 22 horas atrás
fiona gallagher 2.0
ChronLogic 22 horas atrás
I don't know it looked acted to me plus the water bottle and is coughing and I'll just seemed kind of planned for whatever reason
Cali Fornia
Cali Fornia 22 horas atrás
Wrong place at the wrong time he said fuckkng stuppidd
Theresa Hescock
Theresa Hescock 22 horas atrás
Who cares
HalfALasagna 22 horas atrás
That robber must've felt triggered
Deku 22 horas atrás
Next up: **criminal arrests man trying to rob a bank**
HHO Gas Technology
HHO Gas Technology 22 horas atrás
There is enough coronavirus Individuals out there it should be easy to test it and see if it works. Can anyone out there show data that colloidal silver does not work on the new coronavirus? I am tired of people saying non-medical approve stuff does not work when they have no data to prove it does not work.
Alexander 22 horas atrás
Poor lady she's probably not going to sleep well tonight after this interview.
mills caldwell
mills caldwell 22 horas atrás
He hit the bison with a strong side eye 😂😂
Alisha Apraku
Alisha Apraku 22 horas atrás
How did he do that😯😯😯!!!!??
Mr Blue.tit.
Mr Blue.tit. 22 horas atrás
America has PTSD
James McDonald
James McDonald 22 horas atrás
Tanks for dem liberal fake tears 😭
countof3everybodyOD 22 horas atrás
Why’d the kids want daddy then?
HalfALasagna 22 horas atrás
Nah that dude was just level 100 and he knew that the robber was only level 40
Anonymous G
Anonymous G 22 horas atrás
I am not infected, so I think I have the right to leave!
Ruben Fernandez
Ruben Fernandez 22 horas atrás
Maybe the dude didn't want to get married to begin with 🤷. Some women can be really pushy about marriage and some men just give in because they're nice guys and genuinely like(not love, which is more important ladies) the girl and don't want to loose her. PS: The great late Patrice O'Neil. He was a prophet 🙏
cedo cedo
cedo cedo 22 horas atrás
Not death penalty,just give her a big will do the trick.
Damien Figueroa
Damien Figueroa 22 horas atrás
Clickbait af
Vox Nihili
Vox Nihili 22 horas atrás
Why even invent the N95 mask if healthcare workers cant even get them during the time they need them the most? DUMB invention.
Saul Wrightman
Saul Wrightman 22 horas atrás
I wonder if so she would have done that scene in India ... :-)
Samurai Momo
Samurai Momo 22 horas atrás
Hatred of the Confederate flag is a PRO-white supremacist viewpoint, FACT!
JaySoDrippy 22 horas atrás
She’s saying she wish she would’ve done something sooner, but I don’t that would’ve been the smartest thing to do because she could’ve accidentally shot her mom if the robber would have moved away where the gun was aimed at the last minute.
FTL OP 22 horas atrás
If that is not bad enough my friend who is a custodian at our local hospital was told she cannot have a protective gown when cleaning isolation rooms because the nurses and doctors get them first. She asked if she could use a garbage bag and they told her it isn't professional. she had an anxiety attack with hives and everything. She is scared to go to work then bring it home to her family :(
Arianator #200
Arianator #200 22 horas atrás
cannibal song by kesha: YEAH I PUT A JEFFERY DAHMER I EAT BOIS UP
booboo 2 channel
booboo 2 channel 22 horas atrás
Birds will eat them
kurodev_ 22 horas atrás
Seen this video with so many different captions, last one I saw said this was brother and sister.
Marisa Sikorsky
Marisa Sikorsky 22 horas atrás
The parents already sued disney, and now disney is getting rid of iconic alligator characters.... It's kind of unnecessary, instead they should be taking action and do something with the real alligators, like putting up a fence or some sort of safety thing. They had a sign that said no swimming because of gators, but I guess the parents must have not seen it or ignored it or something.. The parents weren't watching their kid, but it's Florida, and gators have probably been living there before Disney was built and the park doesn't want to kick them out of their habitat.
Joeym162 22 horas atrás
Man I wish tunnels didn’t have an end to them
Jolyette Frye
Jolyette Frye 22 horas atrás
I don't believe Janet has a secret daughter.👧 I think the Debarges R just trying 2 stay relevant. Its been a long time since they had any chart toping hits. 🎵💿. They should all focus on their sobriety instead of Janet. Shes doing more than just OK.
Susan Lau
Susan Lau 22 horas atrás
He wanna to protect the person on wheelchair ; Act of kindness
REDRABBIT001 22 horas atrás
Hollywood got to her!!!
JD990 22 horas atrás
2 years?? It would have been 22 years if she were a he.
Noe Robles
Noe Robles 22 horas atrás
Why just like the people that went on trips and got stuck in places people just dont think everyone just cares about themselves and maybe not even that
Nunuandjj TV
Nunuandjj TV 22 horas atrás
Mare Jive
Mare Jive 22 horas atrás
Dad:I'm taking your phone away Daughter: I don't want you to be my father now
J 22 horas atrás
How is she a 1st grade teacher if she breaking random person house and screaming what is going on
nuggistrike 22 horas atrás
Crimminal charge ! Animal crulety also lawsu agans him his gay buddy and police station
Aya Obaid
Aya Obaid 22 horas atrás
Look even if he not deaf, atleast wait till he goes home and talk to him, plus what kind a trooper that would SHOOT A FREAKIN MAN WITH HARD HEARING
adrien vivant
adrien vivant 22 horas atrás
il y a un passage etrange dans une chanson de yoko ono kiss kiss kiss, ou on entend me shot jhon lennon si on ecoute le passage a l envers...elle etait présente le jour du meurtre, qu elle ait appuyé sur la gachette ou payé l assassin, pas il semble qu elle ait le fin mot de l histoire...
Simaira Gale
Simaira Gale 22 horas atrás
Everyone will ignore she was talking on the phone
ღSwnsasyღ _
ღSwnsasyღ _ 22 horas atrás
Whatever! My husband and I watching movies, cuddling in bed, he's teaching me how to make different foods.. You guys were already headed for divorce then..
Cloud 22 horas atrás
If it’s a Mexican prison , he probably paid his way out. Sad how the Mexican prison works. 🙄
NJOONFAIRY 22 horas atrás
her jeans told me everything i need to know
「 ꪖꪑꫀl 」
「 ꪖꪑꫀl 」 22 horas atrás
What a stupid person
Thor Treslan
Thor Treslan 22 horas atrás
K is it sleeping pills, or poison? Cuz they’re not the same thing...
JackLostThe Y
JackLostThe Y 22 horas atrás
The second guy was legit fooled by glasses
Captain Lollipop
Captain Lollipop 22 horas atrás
I wish Steven Fabian didn’t talk over them singing...
Julian Alejandre
Julian Alejandre 22 horas atrás
I really don't feel bad for this kid cuz he flexes money all day long with no and he doesn't feel bad for anybody else
Alex Jensen
Alex Jensen 22 horas atrás
Marriage is for leashed canines. Freedom is preferable for the men.
undead gamers
undead gamers 22 horas atrás
Sweat bees do attack I had a lot of sweat when I was 8 and got stung
RogueRoute s
RogueRoute s 22 horas atrás
The neighbor looks like a drug dealer lol
Amber Gray
Amber Gray 22 horas atrás
So cute who could put a thumbs down 😍
Demetrius Cottrell
Demetrius Cottrell 22 horas atrás
Of course she got off
SimbaUzumaki 22 horas atrás
Damn, now I see why the MGTOW don't wanna get married. U would think a crisis would bring people together.
Damian Pascual
Damian Pascual 22 horas atrás
If you can’t be with your partner all day then you really were never in love
Real Christian.
Real Christian. 22 horas atrás
Ivanka got plastic surgery as a teen thanks to her sugar daddy trump.
Pitch Black
Pitch Black 22 horas atrás
Its not a laughing matter.
Bum B
Bum B 22 horas atrás
**I T ‘ S J U S T A P R A N K B R U H**
Uncle Shadow
Uncle Shadow 22 horas atrás
NOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYY I WENT TO THAT HOTEL (Canoon Mexico Moon palace) 2 years ago nooo way that creepy
Bradley Dix
Bradley Dix 22 horas atrás
Omg why trump stupid.......
C. I.A
C. I.A 22 horas atrás
Sent in the spies!, we gonna do a man hunt
Mo 22 horas atrás
What a fucken sucker!
Jason Was Here
Jason Was Here 22 horas atrás
What a hoe bag.
Maya Essieh
Maya Essieh 22 horas atrás
The man:I think your husband took it 🙋‍♂️👈 Lisa: I don't have a husband Man :🤭🤔
Millie Smith
Millie Smith 22 horas atrás
Her: The youngest female billionaire Kylie Jenner:HELLO
Scotland RBLX
Scotland RBLX 22 horas atrás
200 years he deserves it
Beau Brashier
Beau Brashier 22 horas atrás
That morning he said he had already done 19 people, he charges the 25 dollars.19x25=475, 475$.Wow
Destinee Bedoya
Destinee Bedoya 22 horas atrás
Poor little boy
L C 22 horas atrás
Lol dumb common sense tips lol
D Pak
D Pak 22 horas atrás
Special security guard doofy
SiliconDrifter 22 horas atrás
Mooched across the US
Aa Aa
Aa Aa 22 horas atrás
Cute chubby baby Ella is such graceful dancer. Love you baby.
Feng 22 horas atrás
his looks scream scammer.....