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Sant Perez
Sant Perez 10 minutos atrás
I'm just signing in to express how obnoxious, unprofessional and unworthy this guy is. He is noisy and disrespectful with the animals and that protected environment. I guess he paid lots of money to the Equatorial authorities to gain access to the Island, otherwise I cannot figure out how such an idiot was allowed into that little paradise. Please bring us back the good old Attenborough and rid us of the noisy Steve Irwins of the world.
King_of _salty
King_of _salty 10 minutos atrás
This made me cry I'm so sorry dutchess rest in peace if this happened to my dog I would scream at the cop and cuss him out then start crying...🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤💙💟❤
Laura D
Laura D 10 minutos atrás
People seem to forget this; the average human can weigh 100 pounds and up. Put 10 people together near the same spot on a balcony, that's 1,000 pounds minimum in one area, 10 separate trigger points right next to eachother. Now add gravity. Ouch
Pink Beyblade
Pink Beyblade 10 minutos atrás
Ok boomer
Aero TV
Aero TV 11 minutos atrás
It’s made in China
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 11 minutos atrás
fraud gul pdych
Julio Delagado
Julio Delagado 11 minutos atrás
Guys that's just crazy! 😐
Beatriz Bio
Beatriz Bio 11 minutos atrás
So stupid.
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 11 minutos atrás
Imagine every single person in every facility did this when a robber came in
Beatriz Bio
Beatriz Bio 11 minutos atrás
Stupid people.
me & my westie
me & my westie 11 minutos atrás
She should have beat tf out of him If she ain’t know what to do punch him in his dick and kick his ass in the pool simple 🤷🏽‍♀️
Vincent Huele
Vincent Huele 12 minutos atrás
Who noticed the people drowning were black?
ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique
I mean.. let all those idiots die 😇
Come here Coward
Come here Coward 12 minutos atrás
Ok but how did they find the birth certificate?😂😂
Sophie Chasteen
Sophie Chasteen 12 minutos atrás
Where I live this is a normal thing lol
EMMANUEL IWUOHA 12 minutos atrás
He paid a fine price for failure to follow instructions. hahahaha
Wise Choppa
Wise Choppa 13 minutos atrás
He did it on purpose he wanted people to see. Sicko
Kev G
Kev G 13 minutos atrás
A judge? Over 40 times stabbing someone?
CRITICAL 0RBIT 13 minutos atrás
At least they had good handwriting 😂
Kay Dbaby
Kay Dbaby 13 minutos atrás
You Guys Please be careful. Read your bible Never put your Mouth on any one that Speaks the Bible... Please keep peace.. His action was both Human an Spiritual... Let someone attack you an see your body language... Godd Defend his own...Be Careful
Drizzle3154 YT
Drizzle3154 YT 13 minutos atrás
You must be stupid!
Lord darkness Logon
Lord darkness Logon 13 minutos atrás
How is this a crime?
Annaleigh Phillips
Annaleigh Phillips 13 minutos atrás
If I was over it I would strap her in a car seat and drive into a lake so she could feel what her 2 little boys felt. She knew they were struggling to try to get out she is a monster that will never be forgotten
HONG 14 minutos atrás
American education at their finest.
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital 14 minutos atrás
So many Debbie downers in here.
unicorn rose land hunny bee
unicorn rose land hunny bee 14 minutos atrás
I saw the movie on a cruise it was very good but it's sad that Judy died😟😢
Ruven Strizhak
Ruven Strizhak 14 minutos atrás
Its called learning ur kids manars
Soccer Crafter
Soccer Crafter 14 minutos atrás
They killed a baby. This is not fair. This needs to stop. I feel so bad for him as he has to say bye his young little kids...
Bonbonthefurret 276
Bonbonthefurret 276 15 minutos atrás
Near that ice cream van? Hmmm
Brantlee Barnett
Brantlee Barnett 15 minutos atrás
🤣 doc who w/ water
Føx bøí
Føx bøí 15 minutos atrás
0:25 well I can't walk my dog well I guess he will get fat
Luis Burgos
Luis Burgos 15 minutos atrás
Dont trust them they're wearing freakin dr coats lol its a scam
Adam Sparacio
Adam Sparacio 15 minutos atrás
the question is why wasn’t his safety on.
John john
John john 16 minutos atrás
Wtf What's wrong with it hard working kid.🙌 I need a son like that
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip 16 minutos atrás
Who brought them in the lawyers .?
Rose Bayliff
Rose Bayliff 16 minutos atrás
My advice, just don’t go to parties 😂
Brantlee Barnett
Brantlee Barnett 16 minutos atrás
I would let it on and let it me my pet
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 16 minutos atrás
I think the cat looked startled. Hes like WTF is going on here? Another phony survival show?
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip 16 minutos atrás
He planned this whole scene for popularity lmfao
HONG 16 minutos atrás
Roll the dice he said. Insurance company should denied his claim if anything bad should happen.
happyGavy 17 minutos atrás
Rub her face, you mean rub her faces.
queen Bitch Alvarez
queen Bitch Alvarez 17 minutos atrás
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip 17 minutos atrás
Hes only running after them cause there hand cuffed lmao
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia 17 minutos atrás
Imagine the ass whooping
Agent_of_Chaos 17 minutos atrás
If you can’t sell lemonade on the sidewalk you can’t sell CDs in the mall. It’s not a race thing
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes 17 minutos atrás
Must hurt sitting on that chair with balls that big
August Finley
August Finley 17 minutos atrás
Imperfection Guaranteed
Imperfection Guaranteed 17 minutos atrás
At the very least, run in the direction of the scream.
Evelyn Lopez
Evelyn Lopez 17 minutos atrás
this is a horrible thing that happened but he looked so happy looking at his child😭 too cute
pussc wetter dan a seceryum
pussc wetter dan a seceryum 17 minutos atrás
So anyways, what’s your fav menu from Wendy’s?
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz 18 minutos atrás
You need to be careful where you’re partying on!
cian BRE
cian BRE 18 minutos atrás
Its like prison break
jepe9 18 minutos atrás
who even got 60 televisions
Alya Césaire
Alya Césaire 18 minutos atrás
wow loads of presents !!
EMMANUEL IWUOHA 18 minutos atrás
Even the tree objected to this wedding event. Lol.
Unboxing4fun Zheng
Unboxing4fun Zheng 18 minutos atrás
I'm 15 and this is crazy🤣🤣
NeXuS 18 minutos atrás
absolute madman
Kintaro Oe
Kintaro Oe 18 minutos atrás
Isn't this super saiyan 3 Goku?
African Queen
African Queen 18 minutos atrás
Dumb generation.🙄
Ryan Buckalew
Ryan Buckalew 19 minutos atrás
That Forbes lady has Karen vibes, looked like she was dying to talk to a manager for no reason
Otherworldly Gaming
Otherworldly Gaming 19 minutos atrás
Our neighbors have a person in the chimney and a person getting ran over by a lawnmower
Tom 19 minutos atrás
This is an example of black privalage
Eleven X
Eleven X 19 minutos atrás
lemmings 🙄🤣🤦‍♂️
Donna Myers
Donna Myers 19 minutos atrás
Why is a murderer allowed to keep pictures of her victims , anywhere !
Unboxing4fun Zheng
Unboxing4fun Zheng 19 minutos atrás
Diabetes enters
Mackenzie Martinez
Mackenzie Martinez 19 minutos atrás
oh my god throw him away
skurwiel jebany
skurwiel jebany 19 minutos atrás
I am full of hope they will die painfully
Exclusive Grant
Exclusive Grant 20 minutos atrás
Good, glad the cop tased her ass
LEONIDAS Xx300xX 20 minutos atrás
Not to be racist . But to be curious. Because I am not a racist. But I wonder. If the kid was not Mexican. And perhaps black. How would she have handled the situation?
Darth Vitiate
Darth Vitiate 20 minutos atrás
That's pretty scary
Gaming Legend
Gaming Legend 20 minutos atrás
Clickbait. Who else thought they were talking about beating Usain Bolt.
a mouse
a mouse 20 minutos atrás
Thank God it was only 3 kids
hope 20 minutos atrás
Thinking a specific breed of dog is inherently evil is so weird to me 💀 its all in how you raise and train the dog, people just seem to take advantage of the size and strength of pitbulls and it’s sad
Yusairah Mahomed
Yusairah Mahomed 20 minutos atrás
That's so sad. Believe it or not giraffes have now become one of the most indangered species in the world
yeet yoot
yeet yoot 20 minutos atrás
That kid disrespected our Lisa Guerrero by asking her to leave. How rude
funny channel
funny channel 22 minutos atrás
Nahh i can just replace specific parts of that iphone/ipad/macbook to make it work again i just buyed a stolen iphone at ebay and replaced the logic board and boom i have a original cheap iphone
J K 22 minutos atrás
Natural Selection
Song Henry
Song Henry 22 minutos atrás
Wasting their time. They’re young and stupid. They’re not going to listeb
☁︎ ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ☁︎
*If the tail wagged though-*
T.S.X 23 minutos atrás
America’s so fackin stupid
Johan Giggleburg
Johan Giggleburg 23 minutos atrás
So sad when she listed off 5 of her family members who died
Kay Dbaby
Kay Dbaby 23 minutos atrás
When Jesus Walk from town to town guess what Ppl brought god Food am clothes an wash his feet... Come on ppl Open your eyes. A man of Godd shouldn’t be broke.. he’s bring the Word of Godd...
the dead muder
the dead muder 23 minutos atrás
LoonyTube 23 minutos atrás
The software is called recently deleted
IcedXblade134 23 minutos atrás
this shouldnt even be a crime hes giving them free tvs i want one ;-;
Nicky the red ninja
Nicky the red ninja 23 minutos atrás
Photo Session
Photo Session 24 minutos atrás
She is spreading love and equality and kindness.
Matthew Vanderhorst
Matthew Vanderhorst 24 minutos atrás
5 gallons of gas and a match will take care of that real quick
Grade Berkley
Grade Berkley 24 minutos atrás
I thought y’all already covered this
Cadence and Laila
Cadence and Laila 24 minutos atrás
When being an alcoholic saved your life.😂😂😂😂🙏
Zach Burke
Zach Burke 24 minutos atrás
I swear inside edition has posted this like a year ago
Jim Mea
Jim Mea 24 minutos atrás
0:03 she’s running like she has prosthetic legs and just look at that flat af ass
MrMojoman1236 24 minutos atrás
Epstein had no roommate, no guards, no functioning cameras, and signs of strangulation... Definitely a suicide.
Kay Dbaby
Kay Dbaby 24 minutos atrás
Tell u what YOU ANSWER GODS CALLING AN WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.. he can’t help if ppl donate...
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 25 minutos atrás
So what big deal !!! He was probably happy to be there helping out the best he could jeezzz !!! It probably made him feel good and his dad was probably praising him on a good job but not now because dad has NOO job and nothing for his son to feel good about helping out there !!! WHY DONT PEOPLE JUST MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS MY GOD !!!!! Gggggrrrrrrrr Omg wtf FTW !!!
Zenz 1
Zenz 1 25 minutos atrás
You can't run from judge-tice 😄
Erica Ramirez
Erica Ramirez 25 minutos atrás
does she have a playground? WHAT ? WHY WOULD SHE ???????
Nicky the red ninja
Nicky the red ninja 26 minutos atrás
I think I saw this before ;-; HMMMMMMMM
Stelios_pro Evangelou
Stelios_pro Evangelou 26 minutos atrás
Never when the too court tho
Kay Dbaby
Kay Dbaby 26 minutos atrás
Aman Bishop