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100 Comentários
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 2 minutos atrás
So many of the mean comments are people saying: I WANT ATTENTION Jenna is my hero
Maggie Curlew
Maggie Curlew 2 minutos atrás
All the nail techs cringing every time she says “acrylic gel” 😂
Annie Salajan
Annie Salajan 2 minutos atrás
8:31 look at the back at marble
Tandy Lynn Ennis
Tandy Lynn Ennis 2 minutos atrás I hope you're happy.
Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing
Jenna what the fuck
Detroit5000 3 minutos atrás
My boyfriend is a Virgo and I'm an Aries. I showed him this video. hahaha! I love him.
Andrea Simonich
Andrea Simonich 4 minutos atrás
Also Jenna is so fuckin hot how she just like comes stuntin out here with her awesome pitching skills!
saltysassybishhh 28
saltysassybishhh 28 4 minutos atrás
Mackenzie Coolio
Mackenzie Coolio 5 minutos atrás
Andrea Simonich
Andrea Simonich 6 minutos atrás
It was really fucking sexy how Julien just fuckin lifted Jenna up at the end like Jenna is a GROWN woman and he just fuckin scooped her up. They are so fuckin beautiful and adorable together!
Arwen Barrett
Arwen Barrett 9 minutos atrás
Bless this woman
Hippie Housewife
Hippie Housewife 10 minutos atrás
"I just feel like the second I get them wet, we're gonna loose some really good men" HAHA 😂 I freaking love these 2! (Even though you don't see Julian, his moral support is still present 😊)
The Cat & The Fiddle
The Cat & The Fiddle 10 minutos atrás
Julien is like a man child that annoys the shit out of Jenna and Jenna is like a maternal, mature woman lol but their love for fun and enjoyment of life is what I think makes them awesome together.
Rose Smith
Rose Smith 10 minutos atrás
the end when she breaks it... first Jenna ARIES moment EVER and weird reverse role play with Julian saying JENNA! lol
Sarcasm 12 minutos atrás
The jeans😍😍😍
Hippie Housewife
Hippie Housewife 14 minutos atrás
Hah 😂 "They'll flap in the wind big time."
Hippie Housewife
Hippie Housewife 15 minutos atrás
Haha I freaking love it! You guys are too much. Loved the left eye challenge lol. 😙❤😙❤
Darian Chu
Darian Chu 15 minutos atrás
This is crazy i have been watching jenna marbles since her rant/skit days. ugh living for you love!
The Cat & The Fiddle
The Cat & The Fiddle 17 minutos atrás
When you really compare. When you really weigh the video of Jenna and Max vs Jenna and Julien, you can see how much more she laughed and how happier she is. Julien just fits her, man.
Bryce Walter
Bryce Walter 18 minutos atrás
Pmsl 👍
James Wylie
James Wylie 18 minutos atrás
When your eyelashes bushier than your eyebrows
Wheezie’s world Of adventures
My dog had to have extremely intense surgery (she almost died) and she have to wear a baby onesie for like 2-3 weeks or something but it was so cute except I felt so bad for her.🐶🐶
Y o s h i D o g
Y o s h i D o g 20 minutos atrás
Y o s h i D o g
Y o s h i D o g 20 minutos atrás
Julia Skiles
Julia Skiles 24 minutos atrás
This is the kind of content I signed up for
Emily Lowry
Emily Lowry 24 minutos atrás
''who you texting" ''your man" I fuckin LOST IT CBWLCJRBLIOFLB
Carter LaFontaine
Carter LaFontaine 24 minutos atrás
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul Jenna: I just want to defend my pussy. Jenna Mourey president 2020 IMPEACH TRUMP FOR JENNA
Destiny Leah
Destiny Leah 30 minutos atrás
Julien ruining the jean chair made me angry. He saw Jenna struggle for hours to complete it. I’m a fan of Julien but not in this video
Abby Latham
Abby Latham 31 minuto atrás
5:39 Julien FEELING himself
gaby michelle
gaby michelle 31 minuto atrás
Beauty By Bo Bena
Beauty By Bo Bena 31 minuto atrás
JENNNNAAAAA Jenna’s salon needs to get some dip powder and do dip powder nails. SO EASY! BUTTTT - lets go back a few years and do 100 LAYERS!!!!
dropkick_00 mmm
dropkick_00 mmm 33 minutos atrás
Alicen Clark
Alicen Clark 33 minutos atrás
Please make more
Nicholas Howard
Nicholas Howard 37 minutos atrás
Only real fans remember...
Dragonthorne 43 minutos atrás
The moment Moq was born
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy 44 minutos atrás
She’s a people 😂
Ruthie Harmon
Ruthie Harmon 44 minutos atrás
was i the only one who heard the nutcracker music in the backyard
Paige Beck
Paige Beck 47 minutos atrás
She has to do this with Bunny
Amy 48 minutos atrás
hi pls do that but everywhere on ur hair for a whack hairstyle
C GC 51 minuto atrás
Remember the little rascals !this looks like a little rascals hairstyle💛
Spookey Booger
Spookey Booger 52 minutos atrás
Plant tour update video soon?
no 53 minutos atrás
jenna please play a scary game for you next video!
C GC 54 minutos atrás
OK this is awesome. You guys made my night!!
k meeker
k meeker 54 minutos atrás
I respect her level of commitment.
crazy_for_kittens Hora atrás
sleep is a luxury, but sleeping in the daytime MMM -Jenna 2019
Sydney Brianne
Sydney Brianne Hora atrás
I miss interrupting Adele.
Namjoon's Dimple
Namjoon's Dimple Hora atrás
You should definitely do a colab with Glam&Gore. She'll make you look really different.
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy Hora atrás
Today sucked until I watched this 😊 This made me laugh 😂
Mia Guerrero
Mia Guerrero Hora atrás
you are the ONLY crackhead that can pull off a video tittle like this and people will look at it and just go " oh..nothing special i guess its jenna"
Abigail Lien
Abigail Lien Hora atrás
Julian looks like a dad who is playing dress up with his 6 year old daughter :) love you jenna
ashley ashley
ashley ashley Hora atrás
I wish i could get paid to make videos like this. Fly me out to cali! I will help be on a fan video! Lol
Angela Angus
Angela Angus Hora atrás
Stop thinking that marbles is dead he is not dead
Sienna polchinski
Sienna polchinski Hora atrás
Hahah that is so cool that you are so good at making new cage ideas for your hamster. You did great job doing it thank you for entertainmening me!
autumn_daydream Hora atrás
Me: oh well. Hot wheel hair didn’t work. Jenna: if this doesn’t work, I’m leaving the internet! Proceeds to hairspray a race track into her hair.
Angela Angus
Angela Angus Hora atrás
Kermit is so cute
Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark Hora atrás
Dawn Hora atrás
Everyday Jenna wakes up and does this she slowly is realizing just how small of a brain this poor dog has
Ryan Meneo
Ryan Meneo Hora atrás
"Caveman no.2 very similar to mambo no.5"
Grace Peterson
Grace Peterson Hora atrás
She always has the best ideas for videos. 😂 and they are hilarious
Blair Kephart
Blair Kephart Hora atrás
jenna makes me happy
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Hora atrás
why does he look like mario in drag
Emily Hora atrás
2:42 Julien had to do it to us
elizabeth Hillier
elizabeth Hillier Hora atrás
Jenna is my friend and I’m julien, I realized this now, right now, like hecc, now for all my moms recent emojis 😁😘🤪🥂🤕🇨🇦❤️😍☀️🌴👄😇👍🏻😜🙏😩😌👴🍾😞🍰🤔😉😥😄🥴🎻👁😗🤨🇻🇳🇨🇭🇷🇺🇰🇷🇮🇲🇮🇲🇬🇱🇬🇱🏳️‍🌈🇦🇶🎌🇸🇰🇸🇮🇾🇪🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦🇻🇦
Sshhh Trouble
Sshhh Trouble Hora atrás
WE WANT AN UPDATE! Also I think that's the shirt Julien bought her in the, my boyfriend bought my clothes video.
DistressedDamsel79 Hora atrás
The way she calls his name to stop his shenanigans reminds me of Gus Johnson's Imbiamba character lol
Amara Schubert
Amara Schubert Hora atrás
Hi everyone I'm a 27 year old lady (soon to be a 28 YOL) and I blame Jenna Marbles for awakening some kind of plant-hoarding witch within me. I've never been interested in plants (or had much luck at all keeping them alive) but since watching this I just want to be surrounded by green leaf buddies. Help me.
olive hong
olive hong Hora atrás
"its 2020 and i shrunk"
James Wylie
James Wylie Hora atrás
Jaybiam Hora atrás
F**k vegan
Hanna Kin
Hanna Kin Hora atrás
Emmy accepted the challenge!
Makenna Lindley
Makenna Lindley Hora atrás
You should make ice cream in a bag
Melissa Glatz
Melissa Glatz Hora atrás
Awww julien telling Jenna to look in the mirror for perfection ❤️❤️
Ed Roman
Ed Roman Hora atrás
Why did jack films call ur dogs garbage there so cute
lee_n_doodles Hora atrás
Broke: Soap fetish Woke: *Hot Wheels fetish*
Lori Ann
Lori Ann Hora atrás
The hat doesn’t look too terribly bad lmao the hat either
ariana williams
ariana williams Hora atrás
I actually watched this whole thing and I enjoyed it ❤️
Kate N
Kate N Hora atrás
When I was little I wanted to be a fluff ball so I was.! Lol
Lindsay215 Hora atrás
hi its me again, please make another one
Lindsay215 24 minutos atrás
its bad cause ive watched this 3 times and i have to keep raising the volume cause i cant stop laughing
Kate N
Kate N Hora atrás
Me: I wanna be marshmallow for holloween! Jenna: I wanna be a tooth brush for holloween! PEPOLE ARE WEIRD! LOL
Dawn Hora atrás
Jenna: Can you sit? Marbles: *puts down everything but his butt*
soy milk
soy milk Hora atrás
hey jenna, you should make your hair into a hat. pretty please 😂
projecktchaos Hora atrás
8:26 was awesome! 💚
KatYaks Hora atrás
Omg Emmymadeinjapan just made jennas corn on the cob hot dog thing lol.
thebishygoth girl
thebishygoth girl Hora atrás
Btw you should let your hamster be alone in its cage for 24 hours at least before interacting with it.
Courtney Richmond
Courtney Richmond Hora atrás
His positive Aries energy no matter what👏💛
calling4tragedy Hora atrás
you should do this again, but do like like one whole side and then you can use multiple cars and race them
sophia morana
sophia morana Hora atrás
you remind me of marie antoinette lmao 😂.
SCYAJ Hora atrás
So do we know if anything ever happened with the soap bed or was it just thrown out?
thebishygoth girl
thebishygoth girl Hora atrás
Stricked rating: 3/10 . Big enough cage = 2 ❌ . Enough bedding = 1❌ . Safe bedding = 1✔️ . Safe big enough wheel = 1 ❌ . At least two places to hide = 1❌ . At least two toys to chew on = 2✔️ . 1 table spoon of food and got water = 1❌ . Climbing things = 1 ❌
Erika Thomas
Erika Thomas Hora atrás
I haven’t laughed that hard in SO LONG. I needed that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💕
Zoey Boey
Zoey Boey Hora atrás
You should stick a leash to the front bucket and connect it to a harness and put it on bunny and bunny could pull the dogs🤣
dropkick_00 mmm
dropkick_00 mmm Hora atrás
This is why i want dogs
Lisa Tulip
Lisa Tulip Hora atrás
Here because emmymadeinjapan gave this a go. I am very late to the beauty of life that is your channel. I have now subscribed.
Brittney Arends
Brittney Arends 2 horas atrás
I love Shane’s laugh
Lolly Alwazxmas
Lolly Alwazxmas 2 horas atrás
This is a old video but in listening to it just now I was inspired! Recently divorced. Love you !
Gacha Cookies
Gacha Cookies 2 horas atrás
Mariel R
Mariel R 2 horas atrás
Why does she look like Ivanka Trump in the thumbnail??
J.Swozie 2 horas atrás
69 million views
ll 5
ll 5 2 horas atrás
Do you ever become so numb and depressed that even things that you find funny can't make you physically laugh or smile
jborek 23
jborek 23 2 horas atrás
Somr is waiting for RPDR to call her