Kat Cooper
Kat Cooper
Kat Cooper
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juan garza
juan garza Dia atrás
Liz Paola Francisco C
Liz Paola Francisco C 2 dias atrás
Ya estamos viejos 🙂
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 2 dias atrás
To think this song is now over 30yrs old. Smh.
Serdar Ertan
Serdar Ertan 3 dias atrás
I know someday you ll have a beautiful life i know someday you ll be a star but somebody elses sky, but why, why, why cant it be mine wohouuu
Cherry 🍒 strawberry
X ever my song 🎶 🖤
Bia Rieth
Bia Rieth 5 dias atrás
O tempo...💚
Riptide 6 dias atrás
theralpha 6 dias atrás
Didn’t know “the dude” could sing
Astolfo 7 dias atrás
Luiz Brito
Luiz Brito 9 dias atrás
a voz não envelhece. O cara é fera .
TinafromPasadena 9 dias atrás
I'm glad he's not tormented while singing this song anymore. But there is something to say about the angst from the 90s and the 80s.
tamistar13 9 dias atrás
Thank you Eddie for your music and lyrics that is so much like the times I've been through. Also thank you for not dying love you
Eloisa Helena
Eloisa Helena 11 dias atrás
O tempo passou mas a voz de Eddie não mudou . Pura nostalgia.. Saudades de um amigo que faleceu com 28 anos acidente de moto era fan da banda se estivesse vivo teria 54 anos ..
Fleet Core
Fleet Core 11 dias atrás
Forza horizon 4 vibes
César Yevilaf
César Yevilaf 12 dias atrás
Eddie eres genial
crypt0bank 16 dias atrás
fuck its hard seeing him old. that means im old. #90skid
IJustExisted 17 dias atrás
That's a perfectly beautiful noggin. Can't find a better head. 🤣😂
Dallas Knoll
Dallas Knoll 17 dias atrás
Lol you can see him getting annoyed at the camera selection every time he looks at it like (they’ve been on that shot for like 5 minutes wtf)
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 17 dias atrás
That song I listened to it so many times in my teen years now I'm 45
Celia Sales
Celia Sales 18 dias atrás
Me dá um abraço Eddie😢
Luciana Lú
Luciana Lú 18 dias atrás
7seas 18 dias atrás
still the man
Zach Clark
Zach Clark 20 dias atrás
You can still feel the pain this song gives him, and the reason they never made a video for it. He didn't want it to be big and wrote it on the way to meet the rest of the band for the first time
Chad Travis
Chad Travis 21 dia atrás
I'd be pissed also if I looked up and the camera is focused on my big melon and being on the corner didn't help. Eddie still sounds amazing
Luis Fernando Galindo Beltran
El mejor
L. M. Dyre
L. M. Dyre 22 dias atrás
Someone's working through grief.
môIsT_PotAt0-Måñ 23 dias atrás
my dad loved his music
explore with Dale
explore with Dale 23 dias atrás
What a song and his voice is still amazing 🤘🤘
Eliana Pirazan
Eliana Pirazan 23 dias atrás
Te amo