Hailey Rhode Bieber
Hailey Rhode Bieber
Hailey Rhode Bieber
Hey guys! Welcome to my BRvid channel. From honest conversations to skincare routines to fashion fails - I can’t wait to dive into some of my most cherished passions and favorite people with all of you.
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vedhagrl25 2 horas atrás
Haileyyy do vlogs type videos
michelle benedict
michelle benedict 2 horas atrás
Hailey truthfully people only follow you because of justin not because they like you...and thats not good....let people love you because hailey is lovable...this feels more like,a part of justin not haily rhode what was your former surname?thats the gospel of luck though
Jean Eatareja
Jean Eatareja 2 horas atrás
This show could go maintream..very good show..very good job Hailey
Isatu Koroma
Isatu Koroma 3 horas atrás
more successful arhead bby
Isatu Koroma
Isatu Koroma 3 horas atrás
am in press
Isatu Koroma
Isatu Koroma 3 horas atrás
I love you so much
Isatu Koroma
Isatu Koroma 3 horas atrás
look beautiful my bby
Bernadette 4 horas atrás
Watever u do girl will be successful
Cata Popa
Cata Popa 6 horas atrás
don't forget the neck :D
Michał Ozga
Michał Ozga 6 horas atrás
Damn rich people do nothing but sit at home
Allie Koo
Allie Koo 9 horas atrás
the fact that maddie used to have a huggee celebrity crush on justin bieber when she was young, and now being friends with his wife is so cool
Eden 9 horas atrás
Dogs are not children. Oscar is not your child Hailey
Thaynara Lopes
Thaynara Lopes 10 horas atrás
A vida corrida de hailey, amo os desfiles dela, sou super fan dela, i love you 💖
echoi7 13 horas atrás
omg no. not the sweet vermouth.....
kloee 17 horas atrás
is it true that you’re actually a mean girl to anyone who’s not as famous as you
Valeria Marrero Diaz
Valeria Marrero Diaz 18 horas atrás
Ειρηνη Μαχτσιρα
Hailey's voice is so smooth,cute,calming and angelic.
Sandy Scott
Sandy Scott 19 horas atrás
How old is everyone posting comments here? Everyone sounds like teenagers! Gross star struck low self esteem individuals. Embrace yourselves, don’t wish you could live a day in her shoes, embrace a day in your own shoes!
Sandy Scott
Sandy Scott 19 horas atrás
I ordered my products about 2 weeks ago, still awaiting them! Is this how it’s always going to be? Many other products out there so this kinda wait is a major deterrent to ever buying again. Hire more staffing if needed, I’m sure your rich teenage acting husband can supply.
Ashley F
Ashley F 19 horas atrás
I love how genuine Hailey is
amy markancek
amy markancek 20 horas atrás
I just fell in love with Meghan, she has the best personality ever! Please have more kids bc we need more of you!
Наталья Молчанова
Вау 🤩 какая умница! Так приятно наблюдать за Хейли- Роуд. На обложке Форбс! Это супер 👏
Eleanor Cox
Eleanor Cox Dia atrás
... " You'r ; show is very beutifull " ... From ... " Vaughn - Byron - Busby - Cox " ... From .v.b.b.c. ...
Gemstar Dia atrás
My former in-laws' background is Trinidadian/Tobagonian & 1 of my favourite side dish is callaloo (spinach, okra, onions, garlic, coconut milk, etc.) which I prefer green veggie ingredients & pureed than with some chunk pieces...just the way my mother-in-law prepared it. She also made plantain, which she boiled in its skin but removed it once its cooked. But we, Filipinos, like to fry a couple of ripe plantain slices together with a couple of jackfruit slices in a wrapped in a wonton wrapper; the best kind of jackfruit to cook are the ones preserved in a can of sweet syrup. So this dessert is fried similarly like an eggroll. This is a great dish to expose a person who has never eaten Filipino food before b/c this dessert is very popular, very simple to prepare (due to its 3 ingredients -- not including the oil to fry it in) & most of all, many ppl love it! This dish can be prepared without any jackfruit and a regular ripe banana can also be used as an alternative ingredient. Some like to sprinkle some brown sugar on the fruits, which melts like a syrup, during its frying process. And if you don't have any wonton wrapper, you can simply fry slices of ripe plantain with sprinkled brown sugar all over, which again, you can fry a regular ripe banana with sprinkled brown sugar. Immediately after its cooked, some people like to sprinkle some freshly ground coconut (preferably not those kind of sweet coconut sprinkles, the best kind to use are fresh coconut that you grind-up) which will adhere best to the hot oil while its cooling down for at least 10mins before you can start eating the fried plantain roll or for some, just plain fried plantain. Just make sure the plantain or banana is ripe, definitely not raw (green skin & hard) & also not overly ripe (dark brown skin), but a little bit soggy is still edible & sometimes can even be tastier due to its natural sweetness (just not very soggy, esp to the touch, dark brown colour & falling apart)! Bon appétit & I hope y'all like 'em!!!
Bun Om
Bun Om Dia atrás
Hailey looks so hot and beautiful for that dress. Justin is so lucky.
Bun Om
Bun Om Dia atrás
Hailey is so beautiful. Justin is so lucky to have a wife like her.
Channi Vibes
Channi Vibes Dia atrás
They're so cute!
Tiffany Sandoval
Tiffany Sandoval Dia atrás
Crying and throwing up until miss Bella hadid is on the show 🎀🎂🤍
Yee Sumin8
Yee Sumin8 Dia atrás
I didn't know what was that conversation... 🙄!! singing noisily...