Familia Diamond
Familia Diamond
Familia Diamond
💎 Hey Diamonds 💎 Welcome to our channel where we post every Wednesday & Saturday, sometimes Sunday or Monday! You may already know us from Musically (TikTok now!) and Instagram. Our family includes Sdiezzel, Esthalla, Txunamy, Diezel, Solage, and our newest member the family, Baby Ranger! Subscribe to be a part of our family and turn on the notifications bell to never miss a video! We hope you join this journey with us! Xoxo
Some of our videos include:
💎 Letting Our Kids Turn 21
💎 Dressing Like Adults Pranks
💎 24 Hours Challenges
💎 Get Ready With Us Routines
💎 Our Missing Puppy March Pom

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we lost our baby.
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Rebecca Costello
Rebecca Costello 22 minutos atrás
I love you guys
Nora O Sullivan
Nora O Sullivan 29 minutos atrás
iPhone and Airpods
queen lily
queen lily 35 minutos atrás
Can I please have her phone I have a tablet but not a phone
Kidist Bekele
Kidist Bekele 46 minutos atrás
How does diesel know how to drive?????😕
Ellie Nunez
Ellie Nunez 47 minutos atrás
Yes I seen you
Lewis Martinez-Toribio
Lewis Martinez-Toribio 52 minutos atrás
I am one of your biggest fan
Lewis Martinez-Toribio
Lewis Martinez-Toribio 53 minutos atrás
I did it and I want a laptop
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz 54 minutos atrás
i love you videos
Slime Queens
Slime Queens Hora atrás
Hi 💎Familia Diamond💎 Can I please have a shout out . I subsribed and turn on post notications !!
Luvell Booker
Luvell Booker Hora atrás
I hope I win😘
I Am Salina
I Am Salina Hora atrás
The winner prob was really happy