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@elguerochoyero2220 17 minutos atrás
you look after your mates and your mates look after you
@canislupus7421 8 horas atrás
Love it
@michellew6045 Dia atrás
I love this guy!
Gosh Australians are funny Love you Aussies 🇺🇸🇦🇺❤️
@Ben-bg2lp Dia atrás
So the average Australian looks this stunning in the morning, sleep deprived and after chasing a burglar naked? F*** me and my ugly face 😢
@DennisRash Dia atrás
Man must have wheelbarrowed his way out his house to confront that guy with have big pf a sack he must have
@Sean-fb7cy Dia atrás
Would you consider doing a livestream lambing & calfing 24 In cooperation with schools in your catchment area. God knows the children need to understand agriculture and understand life Any way thanks again
@giblet1618 Dia atrás
Would love to have a beer with that guy.
I know it is hurting him.. but like I am still giggling hey!!
This is pure GOLD 😂
Is this where Me undies got their idea From i wonder lol 🤔
@davidback2144 Dia atrás
Floridaman, meet Aussieman
@_--Reaper--_ 2 dias atrás
It's Captain Jack Sparrah
@weaselboyjenkins3931 3 dias atrás
I don’t care how old this video gets, this guy will always be a good guy in my book.
@The2ndFirst 3 dias atrás
I'd be his neighbor.
@sleepless83 3 dias atrás
Somebody has to pay his new teeth
@sleeplessi93681 3 dias atrás
Wouldn't you like to live next door...f hypocrite..what a stfu smh🎉😂❤
@theprofessor78678 4 dias atrás
Anyone know where Yoorana is?
@rafaelk629 4 dias atrás
@Jamesbrasilis 4 dias atrás
I was going to complain about how he uses "mate" for everything but I remembered that I do this in my own language kkkkkkkkkkk
@disscipl3 4 dias atrás
@kallekas8551 4 dias atrás
0% brain cells…😂
@myvideos7867 5 dias atrás
I’d pick him to be on my team any day!!!
@dickpiano1802 5 dias atrás
What a legend
@janahouzarova7863 5 dias atrás
Nejlepší muž 😂
@user-rf3bg2hr2m 5 dias atrás
Evan where is Texas. On Swiss.
@melissagreen_ 5 dias atrás
@Eobred 6 dias atrás
Beyond than mess 😎
@kittywhiskerz 6 dias atrás
I’ve never seen an unattractive Australian 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@sage1d590 6 dias atrás
If he’d done that in the U.K. he’d have been arrested, whilst offender walked free
@nullkommanix7372 6 dias atrás
as a german i can say he is my mate😊❤
@starscream6629 6 dias atrás
Emu wars are getting out of hand
@troymakiri2694 6 dias atrás
That man deserves a life time supply of milk and bread 👍👍
@derekgusoff6768 7 dias atrás
The look on the male anchor's face speaks for us all
@mickeymcafee7615 7 dias atrás
Everyone from Australia was the product of convicts. It shows.
@Pandoraaa76 7 dias atrás
@Romer411 7 dias atrás
Onya Mate! 😂
@tonyska 8 dias atrás
Got to love the Aussies. ❤ from the UK
@timothyholtze6245 8 dias atrás
What happened to Roxanne?
@airdronenorway 8 dias atrás
"All I had was my undies on." - Mate
@fishwhisperer03 8 dias atrás
Dude is just cool 👍👌
@monkeyBLOCKS 8 dias atrás
Dude didn't realize he was wearing the original heros uniform.
@Sam-bz4hf 8 dias atrás
Just something youv got to do for your community from Sam Oates bideford and demi the dog
@michaelkamau8421 8 dias atrás
Look after your mate and your mate will look after you🎉😂
@emmapeake1625 9 dias atrás
@jcgambler3009 9 dias atrás
WTF. 27mil views. Are all you people on crack like he was or what ? What a joke
@alexeizaraiov 9 dias atrás
I have a theory that the stronger the accent the better the person is
@PeterJe444 9 dias atrás
@TyLAR006 9 dias atrás
2023 I watched this news and I couldn’t understand what’s he saying and now 2024, I’ve been in Australia a year, I understood now😂
@kameltf2347 7 dias atrás
Hi 👋🏻
@nizargharib101 9 dias atrás