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Shawn Mendes - Ruin
3 anos atrás
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apryl keene
apryl keene Dia atrás
Can I like you and you're cute please reply
cutie Girl
cutie Girl Dia atrás
Taylor's reaction 2:47 😘😘😘😂
Leilani Arenas
Leilani Arenas Dia atrás
Thanh Nguyễn Bá
Shawmendes sing better than Justin Bieber
いぬ Dia atrás
Heta Fire
Heta Fire Dia atrás
Gonna say this cause no one else is He snitch on someone
Bernarda Lima
Bernarda Lima Dia atrás
Aaaa te amo Isabelly😍❤️💖
Venus Malone
Venus Malone Dia atrás
1:25 Nobody: Not a single soul: Me: dO yOu hAvE a hElMeT fOr tHaT vEhIcLe sIr???
Nagendra Nayak
Nagendra Nayak Dia atrás
Alex wlyde
Alex wlyde Dia atrás
inxxmobile 18
inxxmobile 18 Dia atrás
Yang kesini gara" meme tampar siapa wowkwowokwwokw
Elena Frota
Elena Frota Dia atrás
Yo: hola Siri, dime una broma Siri: Shawn y Camila son solo amigos
Nora Lemus
Nora Lemus Dia atrás
Camilo artista completo con la música que me husta
Nicole Grissom
Nicole Grissom Dia atrás
My friend how do you Snapchat and she said you were dateing me
Wall Jam
Wall Jam Dia atrás
Well shit fire. That's hot!
Chicky bk
Chicky bk Dia atrás
SilverRain Dia atrás
I would really like to do a duet to this song with someone but I have no friends.
Stop motion boy productions
Shawn is actually marshmallow you know him
Meredith Campos
Meredith Campos Dia atrás
Muy bonita la cancion
KingLegomaker Dia atrás
Shawn Mendes: Now that I'm without your kisses I'll be needing stitches Me: Shawn after what you have been through your going to need much more than just stitches
Nicolás Ceron
Nicolás Ceron Dia atrás
Buena rola. 🥴💓
Fredy Jr.
Fredy Jr. Dia atrás
Soy la única con co.entario 3n español enceriooooo
Vane Ratti
Vane Ratti Dia atrás
no one in live chat at the start 100% spanish later 99% english
Jeniffer Rodrigues
Eu amo ( ╹▽╹ ) essa música.❤️
jiminieee Dia atrás
oh wow two racists
Life with Faith
Life with Faith Dia atrás
Is it just me that noticed Life of the party links to show you Then show you links to The weight Then the weight links to aftertaste Then aftertaste links to Never be alone Bcuz In life of the party, show you and the weight they wear the same outfit Then In The weight Shawn takes off his lil jacket thing and throws it on the ground and underneath the jacket thingy was a black t-shirt Then In the rest of The weight ,aftertaste and never be alone they wear a black t-shirt They all also leave off at certain parts and begin on the same part for example Shawn left off in The weight in his bedroom and in aftertaste Shawn starts off in his bedroom in the exact same position as he did in the weight Also in Aftertaste there is a girl The same girl shows up in never be alone In the same outfit and same location as in Aftertaste I have most probably wasted ur time but thanks for reading this 😂 uhm lemme know if u find anymore links bcuz this took a while to conquer and type and figure out 🤣🤣 cya Mendes Army!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
damaris guerra
damaris guerra Dia atrás
If those two make babies later they are going to be super talented 2x
Lucpro9a2 Nguyen
Lucpro9a2 Nguyen Dia atrás
Ng việt nào nghe k
Nicoli Ribeiro
Nicoli Ribeiro Dia atrás
Certeza que a maioria veio pra bater nele kkkkkk coitado
Aakanksha Nanda
Aakanksha Nanda Dia atrás
When you're a doctor but your partner goes to another doctor for a check up You be like : *I know I can treat you better*
Sophia Belle1909
Sophia Belle1909 Dia atrás
Omg look down See more.... Gotcha
CoCo Butta
CoCo Butta Dia atrás
6 the best way home
Jenny Fan
Jenny Fan Dia atrás
Shawn: Laying on the bathroom floor... Me: No shi-
ray rios
ray rios Dia atrás
I like this song
ray rios
ray rios Dia atrás
My favorite song
Mia Roblox
Mia Roblox Dia atrás
I love this song
Aniyah A
Aniyah A Dia atrás
This is too sexy bro
eduksoo Dia atrás
Shawmila is real ❤️
eduksoo Dia atrás
eduksoo Dia atrás
eduksoo Dia atrás
Shawn prince of the pop
eduksoo Dia atrás
i love when you call me Señorita the biggest hit of 2019!
eduksoo Dia atrás
stream mendes army and camilizers
eduksoo Dia atrás
1 billion is coming!
Maribel Garcia
Maribel Garcia Dia atrás
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Dia atrás
Why the hell is John Cena beating up our Shawn?
Nancy Velazquez
Nancy Velazquez Dia atrás
*Here’s the Mfn tEa* -_-
Director: “what type of girl do you want on the bed?” Shawn: “A girl that looks just like Camila Cabello”
Shobha Krishnan
Shobha Krishnan Dia atrás
‘Are we twins NO . ARE WE SISTERS NO. We’re just best friends
tamara carrillo garcia
i love you :)
Luckie1vee Dia atrás
soy el tomatito mas hermoso del planeta
I just have to tell you this shawn mendes I LOVE YOU
Osiel Nava
Osiel Nava Dia atrás
Shawn is marshmallo
isamar .o.
isamar .o. Dia atrás
Wait where is camila!!???
Choral Luna
Choral Luna Dia atrás
He is so good at the Guitar.
kokkuri san fan
kokkuri san fan Dia atrás
a nshu lalalalaa
ElVerde Sv4
ElVerde Sv4 Dia atrás
Señorrita 7w7
Tatiana Valdegaray
Me encanta cuando sawns Méndez pronuncia señorita 😍😍😍😍😍
Tarah and Ben
Tarah and Ben Dia atrás
I love you
Bianca Alves
Bianca Alves Dia atrás
Alguém do Brasil?
Katija Tomic
Katija Tomic Dia atrás
Them: We are just friends Me: Oh YEAH??!!!
Junior Marvel
Junior Marvel Dia atrás
I play this song with my flute and is so beautiful the sound !
Catherine Ramos
Catherine Ramos Dia atrás
Them: We're just friends Song: But friends don't know the way you taste they said it not us
Jam 007
Jam 007 Dia atrás
Oh my Woojin god I can't get that song out of my head...
Selly Agustin
Selly Agustin Dia atrás
If I listen to this album it means I need a boyfriend asap LMAO
NOOR UL AIN Binte Zubair
Shawn said fuck autotune
Raíssa Serra aranha
Love music💓
travis kennedy-bemis
what are these guitar notes i need to sing this to my gf
Techers ES
Techers ES Dia atrás
Cindy Popil
Cindy Popil Dia atrás
Shawn is a better singer than Justin
Chanderpaul Jaimangal
El NOOb Dia atrás 💯⚡
El NOOb Dia atrás ⚡💯
Alana Leticia
Alana Leticia Dia atrás
son perfectos, no hay manera
Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams Dia atrás
Aliyah Deangelo
Aliyah Deangelo Dia atrás
Poops on shawn
Nick Gurrs
Nick Gurrs Dia atrás
Irish guy anyone
Moy Gonzalez
Moy Gonzalez Dia atrás
Buenas tardes le envío mi😘
MrM Playz
MrM Playz Dia atrás
Braydon MacIntyre
John Cena is beating him with Harry Potters invisibility cloak
Hani Mani
Hani Mani Dia atrás
I dare you to call your crush señorita
Luis Eduardo
Luis Eduardo Dia atrás
no mentiras cumpli ayer
Kim Palmer
Kim Palmer Dia atrás
Lalala copys lalala song REALLY Camila
blxck gjrl
blxck gjrl Dia atrás
Like se anche tu in questo video hai schiaffeggiato il povero Shawn
Kim Palmer
Kim Palmer Dia atrás
Senorita Shawn Mendez Wearing black leather jacket . MY OH MY that leather jacket 😂
Lillian Borsh
Lillian Borsh Dia atrás
I think this song is so inspiring to me. Thank you so much Shawn Mendes.
Luis Eduardo
Luis Eduardo Dia atrás
yo soy niña y esta cancion se estreno el dia de mi cumple uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Luis Eduardo
Luis Eduardo Dia atrás
shawmila jajajajajajajajaja
Mario Time
Mario Time Dia atrás
Anyone who doesn’t like this song can be sacrificed by goats
szczupiur 5
szczupiur 5 Dia atrás
Christian Isabel
Christian Isabel Dia atrás
Es bonita la voz de la chica pero es muy diferente a sus vídeos musicales
Yaqui Herrnandez
Yaqui Herrnandez Dia atrás
Canción dedicada para nuestro crush:(
Rokia Younes
Rokia Younes Dia atrás
اخيرا لقيت صاحب الاغنيه
Lori Loia
Lori Loia Dia atrás
Muhammadhamdee Lemaeh
alan Cejas
alan Cejas Dia atrás
me en canto sos el mejor los quiero
Salma Razouki
Salma Razouki Dia atrás
This will always be my favorite song 💞💫
Monica Hernandez Perez
Rayla Vidal
Rayla Vidal Dia atrás
Nossa essa música é muito magnífica 💘linda ❤ ....... amo muito essa música 🌻 quem é do Brasil ?! 🇧🇷 :)