My name is James and I love supercars! My dream car is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, hence the screen name "Strad"man.

I own a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo in Arancio Borealis and I live in Park City, Utah.

Check out on Facebook and Instagram @thestradman for pictures as well:
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Jason Simpkins
Jason Simpkins 5 minutos atrás
Just wish he would be his normal regular self. I like that James better. Still going to watch though.
Jason Simpkins
Jason Simpkins 9 minutos atrás
Gallardo and Pilot License Update last
A K 17 minutos atrás
NOOOOOOOOO... RIP that Lusso. Car will be dead in 2 months.
Axlottel 17 minutos atrás
The sound of the mice from the sony is much clearder and the quality of the video is also better on sony the colours are richer so all around is the sony better its also my personal choice for cameras
Clash 19 minutos atrás
Why don’t you buy a Lamborghini huracan evo after finishing the house
Jack stone
Jack stone 24 minutos atrás
Stop clickbaiting
Gael Vanhaeverbeke Ruiz
Gael Vanhaeverbeke Ruiz 24 minutos atrás
Bro you just got it 😭😭😭
MHS 29 minutos atrás
Sell the cars that we don't see much they are not making you any money. Finance the house buy something else make moves now just like you did before you have slowed down so much now
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 29 minutos atrás
Day #1 asking for real updates on our beloved lamborguinni gallardo… Must never forget how many of us, subscribed to the stradman’s channel, so that we could experience the exotic supercar ownership through his point of view….
Rebecca Cobardo
Rebecca Cobardo 40 minutos atrás
Man I thought it was gonna be the Corvette but NO HAHAHA LET'S GOO BYE BYE GTC4 LUSSO
Oliver Zandieh
Oliver Zandieh 42 minutos atrás
Nooooooo my favourite car :(
Jayden White
Jayden White 45 minutos atrás
I live in Idaho falls and have for my whole life and saw this ferrari the other day through town come back stradman please
F1xtra 45 minutos atrás
Day 3 of asking where is luke
john doe
john doe 14 minutos atrás
open your eyes he's in this video
Ziga King
Ziga King 47 minutos atrás
Make that wood in the front black it will look so much sick
Lenka Somorovská
Lenka Somorovská 49 minutos atrás
Jack Leonard
Jack Leonard 52 minutos atrás
The irony of you pointing out what another driver was doing as illegal is so hypocritical.
Charles Castleberry
Charles Castleberry 54 minutos atrás
is the race car still going on the wall?
Nicholson Soibam
Nicholson Soibam Hora atrás
Valve on sounds awful
Home Chopping Network
I just started to like the lusso.
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Hora atrás
Strad u just bought the Lusso & now you’re selling it🤔😱😬.
Keeping Alive Societies' Hope (KASH)
bro i wish i could show my tearsrs right am litterally crying now i love ferrari's especially the lusso i think am gonna unsubscribe for a while am just
G.A.R Hora atrás
Sell the Bugatti wrong decision selling the Ferrari
john doe
john doe 10 minutos atrás
no one will pay him $1.3 mill that he wants for it because he posts videos of how often it breaks down on his channel. I mean DDE says he wants a Bugatti but he never gave him a offer other than when that fraud auction happened and he was outbid by a guy that had no money. He will be lucky to get $900k or 1 Mill because of the high miles.
Diondre Morris
Diondre Morris Hora atrás
you should paint the white part on the front of the house black I think it’ll flow better with the rest of the black and brick
Crappy.G Hora atrás
Bro the vibes on that man (Yogi? Or is that how you spell it?) is great
Matthew Hora atrás
Use to enjoy the videos. Now he’s a clown that buys depreciating assets. Claims they our super cars! 🫵🏻🤡
Code-R Hora atrás
He is sitting soooo damn close to the steering wheel.... but damn having the time of his life, nice
Detective Pigeon
Detective Pigeon Hora atrás
This guy.....
Devolante Hora atrás
I feel like the veyron would look cooler if the pink was black
Preasly2010 Shirindzi
Bruh thats almost new 4:04