Quest Means Business
Quest Means Business
Quest Means Business
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Book of shadows contributor Brian
Cool been years now for Disney 🦕🦞🦧
Godfrey Too
Godfrey Too 8 horas atrás
Hell no,this guy didn't create mpesa,a local black Kenyan created it and he bought it from him,,I'm a Kenyan btw
Justin Case
Justin Case 10 horas atrás
Good on you mr. Quest, for your zeal in your quest for current affairs.
•Leah_Studios• 14 horas atrás
Τελικά ο Μητσοτάκης μιλάει καλύτερα αγγλικά από τον Τσίπρα 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mathyderabadi Dia atrás
Indians love Emirates airlines.
Justin Case
Justin Case 2 dias atrás
Justin Case
Justin Case 2 dias atrás
Thank you big Q
zxcvbn 2 dias atrás
Take HCQ, go on your business.
Desert City Stays
Desert City Stays 2 dias atrás
check us out for stays in UAE
Hans Blix
Hans Blix 2 dias atrás
QATAR AIRWAYS lead the way 👍🏻 By the way....Why isn’t CNN wearing a mask 🤦‍♂️
Travel with SJ
Travel with SJ 3 dias atrás
cnn news
2001 perseus
2001 perseus 3 dias atrás
It is time for a new Europe and Greece and the UK are where it should start. First off, the UK should return the Elgin marbles without preconditions in the spirit of friendship and as a matter of principle. The UK should then offer to underpin the Drachma and allow it to free itself from enforced EU austerity and recover it's economy. Establish free trade with Greece and any new trade deals the UK enters into eg, with the US, should include free trade with Greece, if Greece wishes to be included. With of course Greece having the right to negotiate independently on any part of that deal it is not happy with. Most importantly this new partnership should involve no political or fiscal interference in the Greek state. Establish visa waiver travel with Greece to the benefit of both. Build the Europe we should have had. One based on mutual interest, true friendship and respect for fellow nation states. In my view the UK is nowhere near far enough past the Covid infection crisis to be talking about holidays in Europe. It is though time to reach out to old friends in the EU and offer them an alternative to it. The difference with us is they're allowed to say no.
Akantha R
Akantha R Dia atrás
Καλα ονειρευσου εσυ. Περιμενεις πολιτισμο και λογικη απο βαρβαρους υλιστες που η μονη τους αξια ειναι το χρημα?
J L 3 dias atrás
After arguing for the franchisee, John Chidsey is trying to break his franchisees one month later. He failed at BK and now he’s ruining Subway.
Saynab Mohamed
Saynab Mohamed 3 dias atrás
What about Africa hello
Md Najimuddin
Md Najimuddin 3 dias atrás
Sir where your safty
Vinu Cini
Vinu Cini 3 dias atrás
Emirates on deathbed
shiv 4 dias atrás
Looks like a time.warp
Chandra Dangol
Chandra Dangol 4 dias atrás
Hope as soon we can return back uae from Nepal.
Peter Kamakia
Peter Kamakia 4 dias atrás
quest let me know next time you are in Nairobi. we have delicious fish around here kwa kina osewe.
Peter Kamakia
Peter Kamakia 4 dias atrás
safaricom started out with the right dance. I remember their now long gone entrance modifications of semi barrel with silver entrances to their shops. It was a powerful entry. it also explains why it failed in other countries. They took the winning presentation for granted and assumed people only wanted service.
JAKHRO 4 dias atrás
Emirates No #1 airline transported COVID persons from China to US .we are suffering because of Emirates.
Sabir Hussen
Sabir Hussen 4 dias atrás
Nice airport dubai and good luck
Regina Amoaka
Regina Amoaka 4 dias atrás
Good attempt. Glory be to God. The rest should come back quickly as soon as.
MentorLite 4 dias atrás
Stay away from planes if you value your life. They are more concerned about profits at your expense. Do you want to be a statistic? Get on a plane and find out.
Nineteenth Minimalist
Nineteenth Minimalist 4 dias atrás
i used to work there. now i'm jobless
Smashed Crab Face
Smashed Crab Face 21 hora atrás
A lot of people will be out of work in the future. The aviation industry is just one of the first sectors of the world’s economy to be badly impacted. Other sectors will be following. It’s going to be an economic collapse.
Jb Jama
Jb Jama 4 dias atrás
useless airline
Murilo 4 dias atrás
Que cara piada.
keyur joshi
keyur joshi 4 dias atrás
Why is he not wearing mask? Idiots. They are in public media platforms and conduct themselves so casually!
DownWith Imperialism
DownWith Imperialism 5 dias atrás
Emirates is the best airlines in the world, and some of the flight attendant are friendly. However It might be the airlines policy or the staff member who refuses to issue me with food voucher. I was left at Dubay international airport more than 9 hours without food voucher./ i felt as if i was begging
DownWith Imperialism
DownWith Imperialism 5 dias atrás
Emirates ist die beste Fluggesellschaft der Welt, und einige der Flugbegleiter sind freundlich. Es kann jedoch sein, dass die Fluggesellschaft oder der Mitarbeiter sich weigert, mir einen Lebensmittelgutschein auszustellen. Ich war mehr als 9 Stunden ohne Essensgutschein am internationalen Flughafen von Dubay. Ich hatte das Gefühl, als würde ich betteln
Farhan Younas
Farhan Younas 5 dias atrás
Best airline CEO, B6 stay strong!
Darren 5 dias atrás
This is WONDERFUL!!! :)
George Bronte
George Bronte 5 dias atrás
Dedicated staff to clean and sanitize on-board toilets?! This alone surely must be the best thing to come out of this pandemic. A clean aircraft toilet would be indeed something to behold.
headr Conqurer
headr Conqurer 5 dias atrás
Sad sad sad/justice system???
headr Conqurer
headr Conqurer 5 dias atrás
March/Demo .all over USA/.Stand Shoulder 2 Shoulder/
headr Conqurer
headr Conqurer 5 dias atrás
Demo/March all over USA
Imam Hossain
Imam Hossain 5 dias atrás
Qatar Airline is the best
varol uygun
varol uygun 5 dias atrás
Terörist DUBAİ
Miguel Nehm
Miguel Nehm 5 dias atrás
Go Dubai Go .... you will succeed.
What we and Australia did right,was not overwhelm our health service,made testing easier,a lot easier.
Mark Trvls
Mark Trvls 6 dias atrás
The airlines need to get back to business quick, well done for Emirates leading the way
UP& NER 3 dias atrás
Mark Trvls Emirates leading?🤣
A. I.
A. I. 6 dias atrás
All passengers must wear ppe, or space suits
Real Empress Yudah
Real Empress Yudah 4 dias atrás
A. I. I agree and they all follow without a single word !
A. I.
A. I. 6 dias atrás
Good start is half done. Let us start it with full ppe kits.
MEGIDIOT 6 dias atrás
slap on a mask and sanitize your hands every time you eat, problem solved
Truthfears Guilty
Truthfears Guilty 6 dias atrás
Yajooj Majooj = Flat Noses
Jonathan Wei
Jonathan Wei 6 dias atrás
half of these people aren't wearing their masks correctly - not covering the nose, or the metal strip on the top isn't pressed down to the contour of your nose. there should be simple awareness posters everywhere when masks are handed out.
Rahma zahor
Rahma zahor 6 dias atrás
No flights for Africa is more safe for covid 19?.......
TheTraffic247 6 dias atrás
I find it funny that the destinations that should be avoided are the first ones emirates is opening up to. Western nations have the highest death toll and the largest cases of covid, and yet those destinations are the first ones emirates caters to. Perhaps poor decision made to appease us westerners. I appreciate it but makes you wonder what kind of a message are they sending to other expats. Especially the asians, who make up the largest population in UAE.
Mcallan Bennett
Mcallan Bennett 5 dias atrás
Those are the routes that people are willing to go as the boarders are opening. 2. Money.. it has been said only 30% people are in the planes meaning they are paying a hefty price ticket to London. Its worthy the risk for Emirates, as long they keep the social distance and mask
Joebeth Ryan
Joebeth Ryan 6 dias atrás
why the host doesnt wear any mask?
V S 3 dias atrás
He is ghost.
mashu mashu
mashu mashu 6 dias atrás
When opan inter natoinal fligt
Pr Sr
Pr Sr 6 dias atrás
Why are you not wearing Mask Mr. Reporter🙄🙄
Yasser Hasan
Yasser Hasan 6 dias atrás
Can someone give this idiot a mask please!
Ameera vlogs
Ameera vlogs 6 dias atrás
Ceoo is absolutely correct.
Mike 6 dias atrás
Don't be fooled by the title Ethiopian airlines is owned by the state not this so called "CEO" or share holders ...he was promoted out of the blue because of his tribal affiliations with the former ruling party
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez 7 dias atrás
maybe they can add more seats in economy now LOL.. Emirates has one of worst economy class seats and comfort level
Geran B.
Geran B. 7 dias atrás
I like oranges
Ben Par
Ben Par 7 dias atrás
CNN reporter immune to covid?
TheTraffic247 6 dias atrás
No, he just ain't that bright. Lol.
MAYOR ALKALDE 7 dias atrás
john is not wearing a mask, while everyone is wearing it. WHY?
bandungmee 5 dias atrás
@IamSpartacus LOL
Gods own Son
Gods own Son 5 dias atrás
Mcallan Bennett So don’t blame the president then when he refuses to wear a mask when everyone around is wearing one🤷🏻‍♂️
Mcallan Bennett
Mcallan Bennett 5 dias atrás
Everyone is wearing masks so he is safe. He can't breathe any air from an infected coz they all covered. Basic rules of why people have been wearing masks
IamSpartacus 6 dias atrás
Because , as everyone knows , the only thing that comes out a CNN reporter`s mouth is Bullshit.
OMER MARAS 7 dias atrás
depends by price totals to pay besides seperate choices of travel ticket destinations current updates price matches if may vary pricings by any priced chages after taxation policized differences
astral bubble
astral bubble 7 dias atrás
CNN fake news knows that George Webb hits the truth. Fake news knows they cant sue him because his reporting stands on it's own. Pentagram-owned fake news CNN has the job of running cover for the military industrial complex during their bioweapons trafficking. Harlow, Seltzer, et al are CIA mockingbird assets
Anton Chernobrovkin
Anton Chernobrovkin 7 dias atrás
Nonsense.... Helping people with expensive tickets)))) I think most airlines really want is their piece of pie.... Don't even say that they are all doing it because of humanity.....
Shenglee Chen
Shenglee Chen 7 dias atrás
Emirates should provide the sole staff rostered to do sanitation with N95 grade face masks or even higher filtration and while cleaning toilets and dirty places that staff should be wearing disposable PPE, personal protection equipment and disposbale body suits, Airplane interiors are low humidty zones so wearing PPE should nt be as uncomfortable as wearing PPE and working ina hospital with no aircon and normal level humidity. What do u guys think, emirates airlines should protet their staff more?
That's good news I wish all international flights resumes work asap
andhdgs ahahsbd
andhdgs ahahsbd 7 dias atrás
Greece needs not only Tourism but making things and reforms
Johannes 5 dias atrás
Reforms have been made already but it seems that western companies like VW prefer countries with 3rd world wages and political systems like Turkey that has Erdogan who is a fascist that threatens EE with refugees as a means of extortion for his own ambitions. PS: not needed to remind you that Turkey bought Russian weapons that can target your US aircrafts anywhere in the middle-east.
Connie 7 dias atrás
loved it
Nasreen Malik
Nasreen Malik 7 dias atrás
Well done Emirates!!! U r flying again...!!!
George Roig
George Roig 7 dias atrás
Beautiful country with wonderfully kind people. We shall return!
nazir raja jawad
nazir raja jawad 7 dias atrás
lol they making big amount with double pricess
Me Me
Me Me 7 dias atrás
You cannot get fairness in Japan as a foreigner. Outsiders have no idea what it's like here. Ghosn was right to escape.
celidon my best Adamu
celidon my best Adamu 8 dias atrás
Good news I cannot wait to fly back home Nigerian.
Kemisola Abiola
Kemisola Abiola 7 dias atrás
Is Nigeria among the countries.
Hank Clarckson
Hank Clarckson 8 dias atrás
Fly during pandemic is see snads n camels n few rented make them wealthy to creat a Android tv or new smart phone with tiket money stay home# covid19 Here with us 2+_yrs.Health first.
Eddy Muwanga
Eddy Muwanga 7 dias atrás
Good you said covid is hear for 2+ years so are people going to stay home for those 2 yrs
Angie littlefoot
Angie littlefoot 7 dias atrás
People need to still get home so stop been selfish...these flights are actually about getting people home because they have been stranded.....
Kamal 8 dias atrás
Emirates started using testing kits for their travelers...test a person before and after landing ...I think people can afor extra hour or two.. but If you become a poesy against corona then sure it will take years...a small virus has made humans look like pussies ....
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Mo's Favorites
Mo's Favorites 8 dias atrás
Where is his mask
TheTraffic247 6 dias atrás
He's a nervous flier. So, he ate it. Lol.
aashishnac1981 8 dias atrás
Well done Emirates 👍🏾
Livelifelike Jay
Livelifelike Jay 8 dias atrás
I'm already requesting housekeeping service once every two days only prior to pandemic.
Segaran Taru
Segaran Taru 8 dias atrás
Good job.... hope more start to follow
Sekoni Azeez
Sekoni Azeez 8 dias atrás
Wy they're rushing for flying, they want to spreading more Corona virus, stupid.
Because their economy is dependent on that and oil and tourism
Grace Dunn
Grace Dunn 9 dias atrás
we are 3-4 hrs away from our big brothers.... not 10 hrs.
ART CORE 9 dias atrás
Meanwhile Qatar has been flying all along, apart from cutting a lot of routes.
MEGIDIOT 9 dias atrás
I'm not getting on a 737 max
Connie 9 dias atrás
loved it
Biggies Aôndohemba
Biggies Aôndohemba 9 dias atrás
CNN is evil. Just get out evil people.
Connie 9 dias atrás
loved it
nlmfnvmgzo ilyyvib
Sanoh Djaka kalle
Sanoh Djaka kalle 9 dias atrás
May ALLAH Bless and protect Emirate airline
Sanoh Djaka kalle
Sanoh Djaka kalle 9 dias atrás
Good ideal
Imran Ejaz
Imran Ejaz 9 dias atrás
Hahaha open flight to uk 2nd highest death due to covid19. So desperate for tourist havent open to countries where few deaths.
Arkadiusz AGDAN
Arkadiusz AGDAN 9 dias atrás
I agree with Emirates! Good Jon Emirates always the best !
Szczypior 9 dias atrás
Well, that's 4 minutes of lies :)
Abraham Asfsw
Abraham Asfsw 9 dias atrás
Abraham Asfsw
Abraham Asfsw 9 dias atrás
Daniel Lantos
Daniel Lantos 9 dias atrás
So by taking Boeing even after the crash we can expect another one when the plane returns. Oh forgot what Tedros and the Chinese did to the world
Johnson Taylor
Johnson Taylor 7 dias atrás
Daniel Lantos What are you babbling about? Are you stupid?
Mulualem Wossen
Mulualem Wossen 10 dias atrás
MrDarkshadowx9 10 dias atrás
Snydercut hbomax beybb
Alexander Felke
Alexander Felke 10 dias atrás
all over Europe the stores are open, but the customers remain unwilling to shop. Wearing a mask, shopping sucks.
Connie 10 dias atrás
loved it
Connie 10 dias atrás
loved it
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cool video
ANONYMOUS 10 dias atrás
I hope the interviewer is fired. He sucks. Doesn't understand what questions to even ask and it sounds like he said that you could not use it on WIFI but the guy corrected him and said it did work on WIFI. How about talk about how it helps when police and fire UHF/VHF (Mostly UHF) radio towers get knocked out or limited range over RF frequency that ZELLO can actually transmit these RF frequency's over LTE to so range becomes limitless.... He wanted to know about competitor instead of ask how it works. And when it said the Chanel name and password he just said well you get the idea.... Uh if I never had ZELLO, No I don't just get the idea..... Morning rant. lol