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44 Comentários
Mohand. 8 horas atrás
Kener Carias
Kener Carias 8 horas atrás
F por el Barcelona
3lDb 8 horas atrás
Camp Mongkol
Camp Mongkol 8 horas atrás
Bazaar is not a fake champion.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 8 horas atrás
Delete this video
Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb 8 horas atrás
Coch out
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira 8 horas atrás
Frankie is very intelligent and learned spanish more quicky than Bale. Besides of this, he knows and has more informations about Barcelona than Griezmann. I guess he is very competent and cares about a lot of things including soccer.
Nadia Clebert
Nadia Clebert 8 horas atrás
What a club of losers I cant believe I supported this team
AB CD 8 horas atrás
Barca need a good striker or winger🐤
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira 8 horas atrás
I see Frenkie is very inteligent and learns things with a such facility. I hope he be sucessfuly in Barça.
Momar Niang
Momar Niang 8 horas atrás
What a disappointment! We really lack corones. Our players are not warriors like casemiro, nacho.... pitiful
mahmudul hasan
mahmudul hasan 9 horas atrás
Rith Xuko
Rith Xuko 9 horas atrás
koman cant lead bacar to win champion .
omar maestro
omar maestro 9 horas atrás
This is not barcelona
Santi Malosetti
Santi Malosetti 9 horas atrás
Na y el de rojas
josua platt
josua platt 9 horas atrás
Every player when is single his head is 💯%futbol after that is finished
santi aventuras
santi aventuras 9 horas atrás
Alguien que hable español?
Julio Marcelino Ramos M.
Koeman out!!!
Husein Aljufri
Husein Aljufri 9 horas atrás
We lose😭
Ariona Gashi
Ariona Gashi 9 horas atrás
Suarez deserved sm better he even was told that he cant play cuz he s old. Barca is the reason he isnt now they only want messi. But messi cant just win alone Saurez deserved respect too which they didnt even gave him
Exotic God
Exotic God 9 horas atrás
DaFz 10
DaFz 10 9 horas atrás
Will Neymar jr return to Barca?
Edin Najarro
Edin Najarro 9 horas atrás
Basuras de jugadores son una soberana vergüenza de Europa
Super Top10
Super Top10 9 horas atrás
Messi Extraterrestre
Super Top10
Super Top10 9 horas atrás
Messi melhor do mundo!
James Williams
James Williams 9 horas atrás
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Floyd Donald
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Mark Williams 9 horas atrás
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Lester Ray
Lester Ray 9 horas atrás
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Lucia Barreto
Lucia Barreto 9 horas atrás
Abrazó para vos que Dios te de muchas bendición para vos y todas tu familia
Skills 10
Skills 10 9 horas atrás
Messi you can go to psg¿?
Wolf Warrior Gaming
Wolf Warrior Gaming 9 horas atrás
Don't tell me barca got robbed
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart 9 horas atrás
Whether Barca wins all their 8 games or not, they don't deserve to lift any cup.
吉井将興 9 horas atrás
Ghana Mu Nsemsem
Ghana Mu Nsemsem 9 horas atrás
Luis Suarez
Ahmad Sholeh dolok
Ahmad Sholeh dolok 10 horas atrás
ahmad sy
ahmad sy 10 horas atrás
لا بد من وجود محاسبه للحكام وتخفيض تصنيف لمثل هذا الحكم المعتوه --- رفضه العوده للفار غريبه جدا وشاهدت في مباره سابقه الفار هو من اخبر الحكم بالخطا واوقف اللعب عندما كان لصالح ريال مدريد ---- يجب ان يتم استبعاد هذا الحكم من المباريات المهمه وعلى فريق برشلونه ان يرفضه في القادم من الايام -- سؤالي لماذا تم استبعاد لاهوز وتم تعيين هذا بديلا قبل يومين من المباراه -- انها سرقه مفضوحه
muhammad ryaas
muhammad ryaas 10 horas atrás
Gessi 10 horas atrás
So delusional 46:04
Guilherme Gaspar
Guilherme Gaspar 10 horas atrás
virgil bryan stoffels
virgil bryan stoffels 10 horas atrás
win or lose forever Barcelona
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 10 horas atrás
Who's here after we lost el clasico again ;(
Márcio Vieira Dias
Márcio Vieira Dias 10 horas atrás
I speak of Angola 🇦🇴 as a supporter totally disgusted by sudden situations in football, Laliga in concrete does not deserve to have referees like those of El Classico, in a match with VAR it is not allowed to not mark two penalties in favor of Barcelona, ​​fouls in favor of Barcelona unmarked, if it is to continue like this there is no point in having VAR in the competition, we as Blaugranas have to exhaust ourselves against these forces, no one can stop Barcelona, ​​I don't think there should be a fan disgusted with the result or the performance of the team, but I think there are supporters disgusted with the performance of the referee team, we can’t miss anything, we lost points at home with Cádiz for that same situation a ball in the hand that in our rival’s stadium wouldn’t be serious, Lenglet was it was unwise, but Um Ramos, a Varane I don’t believe that the same thing is serious, it’s the fight for the title they can’t stop us in any second, we’re a long time away from Barcelona 🔴🔵 and we have to show that we are but what a club! 😪🚶
Ricardo Salvatti
Ricardo Salvatti 10 horas atrás
Y le hizo precio porque se los pondrían haber cojido
Andre Felixsson
Andre Felixsson 10 horas atrás
How Manny wrong passes Did We do today ? Koemans play system doesnt really work well. So bad the coach is. I really miss Puyol,Dani Alves and dinho. This isnt the good barca i know. We need to get away koeman now because he cant handle the defence. It sooo bad. Feels like We are Bilbao atm.
Vinicius Zimichut
Vinicius Zimichut 10 horas atrás
Mr. Sensei
Mr. Sensei 10 horas atrás
Cómo te extrañamos pistolero 😣
alvaro _2003
alvaro _2003 10 horas atrás
djmario jajajajaja