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I Finally Did It!
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My Workout Review
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Bye Bye Minecraft
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Idubbbz Content Cop
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Livestream FAILS
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Roshe Anton
Roshe Anton Hora atrás
😂every dislike is a T series fan
LJay Pyro
LJay Pyro Hora atrás
Your heads are deformed Still not deformation
Sango Hora atrás
Nursery rhyme diss track?
ghost gaming
ghost gaming Hora atrás
It's already been 1 year I remember when I went school late because I watching this song over and over again
ceooftodumb -
ceooftodumb - Hora atrás
The fact that Jim shakes his head constantly at 9:31 makes the whole thing even worse 😂😂😂😂😂
Sklouchechi Hora atrás
When pewds mentioned money over the two astronaut's lives in danger with that cloud delay
Noobie Noah!
Noobie Noah! Hora atrás
i love how nice he is even tho they wanted to kill eachother 😃
Kevin Bueno
Kevin Bueno Hora atrás
I bought your chair. It is coming soon.
SkaR Soapy
SkaR Soapy Hora atrás
notice how his headphones are not plugged in....
Subbing to everyone who sub to me :D
Me: turns on hot water *cold water comes out* Me: turns on cold water *hot water comes out* It's evolving, just backwards
CloudxTifa150 Hora atrás
Pewds, I've been here since 2013 and I still care about you even tho LIFE IS HARD AS AN ADULT AND I DONT HAVE AS MUCH TIME AS BEFORE asdf so I barely spend time on youtube at all. But yes, I'm glad to know you still enjoy it, you've grown, we've all grown up and you just have to remain being true to yourself. Those who appreciate it will jump along and remain on this journey with you.
Rebel King
Rebel King Hora atrás
T series is the real target rn
I Forgot
I Forgot Hora atrás
It's devolving, just forwards
PrincePlayZ Hora atrás
That's why tseries took the revenge
RM. EXE 2003
RM. EXE 2003 Hora atrás
His hair reminds me of something
blackginger777 Hora atrás
Pewds wife likes BBC☹
Casimiro Arcadia
Casimiro Arcadia Hora atrás
pewdipew never used sub bot
Niko Yap
Niko Yap Hora atrás
Damn good job sive and dave by dave that was really epic music vid
GiddyYT Hora atrás
The intro song is so awesome😂
T4C Pixlers
T4C Pixlers Hora atrás
1.5.m wow
Thegamercow Hora atrás
Random Kid
Random Kid Hora atrás
Morgz in quarantine: 15:32
Me: now knows how many hours we need to wait Future me: Ah sh!t here we go again Also future me: opens CODMOBILE future astronauts: Epik rekking m8 Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8 out of 8
Adam Bravo
Adam Bravo Hora atrás
max the best
max the best Hora atrás
fury flame 112
fury flame 112 Hora atrás
That is gonna give me nightmares especially the last part
Kiana K.
Kiana K. Hora atrás
The car Song is stolen too 😂
OP Barrel
OP Barrel Hora atrás
Thomas Recalde
Thomas Recalde Hora atrás
Quizzes G
Quizzes G Hora atrás
You do not even have a video a video that have 1B views
Sakonema Hora atrás
12:49 Yea right ! Let's see how long that lasts.
Tigist Bisrat
Tigist Bisrat Hora atrás
I laughted at the whole thing. I thought the intro that he tried to recreate the intro from cocomellon xD
I don’t really know what they’ll put in the history books but as long as the 2020 chapter starts with Pewds saying “it’s evolving. Just backward.”
All Lazy
All Lazy Hora atrás
Chair make it in to YRWND FloorGang 😡
Bloodgod 281
Bloodgod 281 Hora atrás
sives hit single was better the intro
Rebel King
Rebel King Hora atrás
I feel so bad to dislike this
Nayem Hora atrás
16:01 lol
Ur_Bi_ BabE
Ur_Bi_ BabE Hora atrás
Chichi Lottie
Chichi Lottie Hora atrás
6:55 ullaa!!!
alphonse gold
alphonse gold Hora atrás
Where is terraria, Felix...
KT - 04FM - Sherwood Mills PS (1334)
do you still like dr.phill????
Te Atarau Cassidy
Te Atarau Cassidy Hora atrás
It will all get better in November 2020
PinkyWittyKitty Hora atrás
Maybe that's the reason albertsstuff changed to flamingo..
The 45th
The 45th Hora atrás
Bro im sorry but my 2 year old niece is apart of why they are taking over. Its all she ever wants to watch. I am guilty pewds for allowing this
Hazrizolla Gaming
Hazrizolla Gaming Hora atrás
im just hearing the intro repeatly cause it good and awesome,its will be cool ringtone
Etan Mit
Etan Mit Hora atrás
Meme review song SMACKS
Allan TU1
Allan TU1 Hora atrás
Me:Looking at Felix's eye Felix:Dont even look to my Eyes *Quickly look to his beard*
Rachel Stopka
Rachel Stopka Hora atrás
Can we have everbody who watches this subsrib to him plz t series sucks like get out of here t series
MasterTroll Hora atrás
He's gonna quit youtube.
ٰ Hora atrás
its like cocomelon is thanos and waited til peter's dad dies
Harper Monohan
Harper Monohan Hora atrás
j.j Jasmine
j.j Jasmine Hora atrás
"Koreas reacting to PewDiePie reacting to people reacting to me " Uhmmm my brain... React .... React..... :q
Caden Knox
Caden Knox Hora atrás
Felix: Hair Long! (Shows hair) Me looking like fricking Chewbacca: Are you challenging me?
Mariela Galaviz
Mariela Galaviz Hora atrás
Sive being lazy repeating meme review with the square
Lord Grim
Lord Grim Hora atrás
*The camera quality is noticeably better, just see* 13:27
Abhinjack 41
Abhinjack 41 Hora atrás
dont like that hare
Lyric arts
Lyric arts Hora atrás
the dislikes is probably the sub bots in t-series
Quirky Bark32919
Quirky Bark32919 Hora atrás
Everyone report coco melon
KT - 04FM - Sherwood Mills PS (1334)
bruh I hate Cocomelon
SaltyPringle101 Hora atrás
"it's evolving....just upwards" - felix (the most boomer thing he's ever said)
Brigitte Wedemire
Brigitte Wedemire Hora atrás
It’s called a over head projector lmao
Kerlene King
Kerlene King Hora atrás
Like I keep saying, humans are evolving just backwards
MANDU Hora atrás
Blackpink Lisa legs being a meme
bewust wurde iepen dyn eagen
That sample from the intro, the song, I recognized and I was like, where is this from, now I realized that's the sample that Slipknot used in Eyeless
Felicia Cary
Felicia Cary Hora atrás
6:57 you'll soon know pewdiepie. In the future!
Kongaii Hora atrás
Liking solely cause Sive to the time to make music out of whatever pewds was doing at the start
Jon Dela Cruz
Jon Dela Cruz Hora atrás
PewDiePie And T-Series... Together... their Subscriber Count... IS 200 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!! SO YOU FRIED COCOMELON >:D
Citlali Chavez
Citlali Chavez Hora atrás
I kinda wished he had played the first game so he would understand the second game better
Ky1er L
Ky1er L Hora atrás
Pewds not leeds
La vida es Rara
La vida es Rara Hora atrás
0:53: 2020 summary
Levinne Dela Cruz
Levinne Dela Cruz Hora atrás
Who the hell wash their knees🤣🤣🤣
Kluchenz Official
Kluchenz Official Hora atrás
Polacy jesteście tu???
Jillian Newman
Jillian Newman Hora atrás
That was a bop ngl
Rafay Syed
Rafay Syed Hora atrás
This true btw. My friend told me to watch you a year ago and then I was like to my friend he has bad camera quality and I learned about the meme lol
NIKOLASSEE 69420 Hora atrás
Can we just appreciate how much time and work dive puts into all of pewdiepies videos
Ky1er L
Ky1er L Hora atrás
I feel like Leeds abuses marzia
100k Subs with no Vids
Imagine Clara shows up after he friend using hacks
Bruce D
Bruce D Hora atrás
"Karen" is what happens when you always tell your daughter she's perfect and never discipline her when she's misbehaving and never say no. Oddly enough (or not) it started around the same time we stopped keeping score at kid sports games.
random me
random me Hora atrás
It's so cheesy I almost died laughing
Tuncay Mustafa
Tuncay Mustafa Hora atrás
why tf does t-series have more subs then pewdiepie
Felicia Cary
Felicia Cary Hora atrás
Ceiling gang
hiii Hora atrás
“We came prepared”. *didnt bring anything*. Me: not even a chocolate bar? Ok then :(
WIRA Fish102
WIRA Fish102 Hora atrás
Jack Porter
Jack Porter Hora atrás
Does he have TikTok
Café3x Hora atrás
aee meme feira, luba tirou o cabelo emo ;-;
Sleepy Lemon
Sleepy Lemon Hora atrás
imagine being a meme before you were born. dang it's evolving just backwards
PatPost Hora atrás
I have a 1yr old brother and he usually watches cocomelon on the tv
Marco Hubrão
Marco Hubrão Hora atrás
Overhead machines were fun as fuck to make shadow puppets with when the teacher left the room lol
Shahzaib Minhas official
Very amazing....PewDiePie💖
Argentine Gaming
Argentine Gaming Hora atrás
they used to call the transparent paper transparency
Whisper In the dark
Willie IV
Willie IV Hora atrás
You got rick rolled at 15:05
The Wolfe
The Wolfe Hora atrás
Jack looking like BradWoto bruh