With The Perrys
With The Perrys
With The Perrys
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Shayla Noelle
Shayla Noelle 9 minutos atrás
I don’t think she means it but every time she cuts him off it’s like an ouch moment. I like the concept of this video! Good interlude guys!
Michael Frimpong
Michael Frimpong 11 minutos atrás
Oh fo sho. And even with people like me who grew up in a Christian home and church, it feels weird cause it’s like, what am I gonna tell people when I witness to them and they ask me my life story. I did struggle in some areas, but I never did drugs, never drank any alcohol, and I never slept with anyone. I’m grateful I’ve never done those things, but tbh, I’m afraid of appearing like a Goody-to-shoes to people who have done those things.
pamodzi chitsonga
pamodzi chitsonga 21 minuto atrás
Thanks for opening up on that sharing thing in the beginning. I completely relate with Jackie on that. I am not an only child but was raised as one being the youngest kid. Sharing in marriage is still a struggle for me, in fact I would rather 'buy him his own' than share mine. That's what I have hidden behind. But I think my daughter is slowly changing that. And its seeped into my friendships, that's why sharing myself with others has been super scary. being vulnerable has been hard, so I have told myself that I would rather manage alone, but I know that Christ has called me to connect and share, its hard yall
Hope In Jesus
Hope In Jesus 23 minutos atrás
God bless you! 💒
S Charles
S Charles 33 minutos atrás
Se’lah Speaks
Se’lah Speaks 37 minutos atrás
“You might as well do it to a mannequin”😂 For real though! Great transparent discussion.
Dana Singleton
Dana Singleton 56 minutos atrás
No ma'am 🤨🤨🤣🤣
AQB Hawkins
AQB Hawkins Hora atrás
I guess when you’re talking about ratchet season you’re talking about having something that you wish you would have done or what you wish you would have had. Or those moments of what a coulda Shoulda moments. Self love choosing self is not selfish. Looking at the neighbors grass seeing how green it is and wishy your grass was green like their grass. The reality of that is that your neighbor put in a lot of work to get that grass to become green to manicured every day to nurture it every day or every time it grows they know to give it a cut a trim. That’s self love. However in your yard you’re so busy and everybody else’s business looking at everybody else’s yards in the meanwhile your yard your grass is steady growing is growing so tall now you can’t even see people could be throwing their pop cans in it because they feel like hey since they don’t care about the yard I don’t care about it. All the while you’re still wondering why can I get my grass green and manicure like that what are they are doing that I can’t do I’m here to say there’s something, every little action consistently based goals to a finished product to a completion. This is what self-love is an individual must take time to understand self first and stop looking in everybody else’s life just look in your own life see what you can do to improve it and do it because system added until you reach your goal. That’s self love. Exploring behaviors that can get you STDs, failed organs, body not cooperating working like it should all because the exploring aspect of negative behavior. I also believe that exploring behavior is not really what you’re desiring what you are desiring is really the knowledge of whatever it is that you want to explore gain the knowledge before you do and I guarantee you may not even want to do it. Personal choice self love it’s always going to look you in the face. Do the right thing for yourself❤😊
Jenni Olson
Jenni Olson Hora atrás
Thank-you for this talk! Wow! So rich! Here’s some general thoughts that stood out to me as powerful! I can not, not see them as humans… We are not just our position we are humans. If we listen to those we disagree with we humanize them. we may even gain mutuel respect the ability to truly converse to move in a direction together through growth, through knowing each others stories…be curious about your neighbour, ask questions, get to know them rather then assume you know where they are coming from. That humility to find out about people will increase love , hey and spread the gospel!
cwnj40 Hora atrás
Awesome conversation! Thank you 🙏🏾
Bee Forreal
Bee Forreal Hora atrás
That’s what I want 💯
Loveis_Kind Hora atrás
I’m so in love with God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit !!! ❤
Abby B
Abby B 2 horas atrás
Pornography is mentally disruptive and disturbing. It’s frightening how “normal” this is seen today.
Caleena Turner
Caleena Turner 2 horas atrás
WOW!. Where was this video at three years ago. Our engagement got broken off because this specific issue and not being communicated well!.
Isabel De La Garza
Isabel De La Garza 2 horas atrás
Are there any books that you would recommend that is related to spiritual war fare? 😊
Nancy Cali
Nancy Cali 2 horas atrás
Facts!!! That was deep!
PA F 2 horas atrás
He definitely makes a good point of the conflation of blackness and progressivism and that’s just not fair.
XRP🆙 3 horas atrás
Read Paul’s writings.
TheGODKISSED 3 horas atrás
Nope I prayed for a reformed thug... Married him.... It was a mess..... He wasn't finished reforming But I get it %10000
Triple-E 3 horas atrás
This conversation needs more context.
Diane W
Diane W 4 horas atrás
Each person has to have an individual relationship with Christ Jesus...I grew up in church and met Jesus in grade school and in relationship He showed me that We had everything and showed me the wretchedness of sin. I never longed for the world. But without knowing Jesus for real it's easy to feel like you're missing out..but sin is death.
S. Johnson
S. Johnson 4 horas atrás
That's so true,
Lorey Lane
Lorey Lane 5 horas atrás
Guy in the background “we were HEATHENS.” 😂🤣
K&C 5 horas atrás
Preach. Another great talk show channel that isn’t pushing wild narratives, I’ll definitely be subscribing 👌🏾
msjw_yt 5 horas atrás
One of my favorite episodes 😂❤ 🤝
Terry Crews
Terry Crews 5 horas atrás
This was a timely topic as I’m personally working through a long standing friendship right now that is on the precipice of reaching its end. I just wish y’all would’ve been more clear about your use of friends not “serving” you. Probably the word y’all used the most was “serve” and though you would preface it by saying not serve In a selfish or centered way you never really clarified how you should be served. Bc if I view every friendship through the lense of serve you will only have expectations to get from them. We can deny it but the way we frame matters has a lot to do with how we perceive them. I feel weird looking at my friends and sizing them up based on who serves me. I view friendship as a relational connection of mental, emotional and physical reciprocity. So the question is am I able to be present for them when they need me, do I care to listen to them, do I care enough about what they care about, do I encourage them along the way, do I spend quality time with them and then vice verse though they don’t have to do those same things are they offering a similar attitude/ approach towards me? I don’t see it as serving. I view it as love which y’all did call out a few times. Maybe we could’ve spent more time there. How does love look in friendships.
Della watson
Della watson 7 horas atrás
Hhhmmmmm speak fot yourself hunny 😩
Mundia Malumani
Mundia Malumani 7 horas atrás
Thank you for this
V 9 horas atrás
April Jayne
April Jayne 11 horas atrás
A seed like that being planted in a young mind and twisting them for years before they can grow mentally